Villa Schools in UAE being closed down

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Villa Schools in UAE being closed down

Postby shawarma » 03 Dec 2007, 11:17

Villa Schools - information page with updates.

Below is (another) report about villa schools. This kind of announcement about villa school closures in the UAE has been made in previous years more than once. You wonder if the schools ever did get closed only to be replaced by new villa schools, or larger purpose built schools?

Cannot find the announcement on the MOE sites so don't know which schools. Maybe it will appear later.

Searched these references ... (doesn't seem to be very up to date) (in Arabic)

The trip to Ras Al Khaimah Education Zone is mentioned on the UAE MOE website ... (in Arabic)

From Gulf News 13 October 2006...

[edit]Other reports from Dec 2006: (14 Dec 2006) (19 Dec 2006)

[edit]Another report from 2008:[/edit]

[edit]Can no longer find below report or link on GN website, leave this copy here for archive reference unless link found.[/edit]

Drive against 'villa schools'
By Siham Al Najami, Staff Reporter

Dubai: The Ministry of Education has announced the shut down of 20 schools operated in villas in Abu Dhabi as part of a campaign against them.

Dr Hanif Hassan, Minister of Education, yesterday said the closure will be effective at the end of the 2006-07 academic year. The schools in villas lack proper safety and education environment, he said.

Dr Hassan said parents would have enough time to relocate their children to other schools.

He said he would continue examining the issue of villa schools all over the country and would take appropriate action against those falling short of ministry requirements.

He said the decision to close villa schools followed a notification in 2004 to these private schools violating safety standards.

"The Ministry of Education has an obligation to protect students and to guarantee that they are being educated in a safe environment. These schools have been given ample time to improve safety conditions for their pupils. It is time to take this action to protect the children," he said.

The minister yesterday also met with public school principals, teachers and parents in Ras Al Khaimah Education Zone to respond to their growing concerns regarding the new system of examination and the status of their schools.

Dr Hassan said that all school principals must attend courses to improve their computer and English language skills.

Starting next month, he said, each school principal will have to attend computer classes to obtain an international computer driving licences (ICDL). The principals will also be asked to take 3- to 10-month English language courses. The English language training will begin in February.

"The programmes are set to elevate the standards of public schools," he said.

During the meeting, a number of principals voiced their concern over the lack of maintenance and ventilation in their schools.

They also complained about the complexity of implementing the new system of examination for Grade 12 pupils following a ministerial decision to change the former system into a two-term academic year.

"The ministry should have informed school teachers about the new changes prior to the start of the academic year, so that it would have given them time to understand the changes and ways to implement it," said a principal.
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Re: Shining Star School Mussafah reviews

Postby meeksj88 » 08 Oct 2015, 19:45

Hello list.

I'm a US-based journalist interested in the closing of Villa Schools and the problems that has caused in the UAE. I read this discussion thread with interest. If anyone would like to talk further about these issues, please email me at [edit by moderator]Email address removed, please see forum rules, use PMs for private contact[/edit].

Thanks, and best wishes to all.

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