Best school in the UAE

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Best school in the UAE

Postby shawarma » 29 Apr 2009, 17:35

It seems a bit pointless to have an overall best or top school topic with voting options since there are so many different curriculums and schools in the UAE. Add a suggestion here for a "Best .... school in ...." topic and a new topic will be considered.

Note that if you have 0 posts and vote in any topic with a poll, your vote will disappear when the memberlist gets cleaned of members with 0 posts. To avoid this, reply to the topic and say "voted" until you post something else somewhere.

Other topics - suggest schools to include for voting

Arab school with US or UK curriculum
IB school (same as International)?
Indian school
Philippines curriculum school? Are there enough schools to vote for a top Filipino school? Only 2 in Dubai and 2 in Abu Dhabi I think.
UAE MOE curriculum school

For other curriculums - French, German, Iranian, Japanese, Pakistani ... are there enough schools to make it worth starting a Best ... school in Dubai topic (or Abu Dhabi, UAE)?
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