Certificates not attested by UAE Ministry of Education

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Certificates not attested by UAE Ministry of Education

Postby redinferno » 15 Oct 2009, 16:37

I've been told that if someone does his/her igcses privately and not with a school then the ministry of education will not attest to it and that if the ministry of education does not attest to it the certificate is useless for further education because universities will not accept. Universities worldwide (not just in uae) will not accept certificates that have not been attested to by the ministry of education. It can only be used to get a job.

Is it true.
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UAE Ministry of Education IGCSE attestation

Postby shawarma » 15 Oct 2009, 17:03

Hello redinferno and welcome to the UAE education forum :).

That sounds about right to me. You might find not all universities require attested certificates of entry qualifications but the reputable ones would.

My guess is that the following documents would be required by universities in the UAE and in general.

1. Evidence of completion of a secondary school / high school education (school transcript attested by the relevant authority - the UAE Ministry of Education in the UAE).
2. Evidence of success in courses required as a prerequisite to the relevant university (IB, A-levels, IGCSE, AP, etc). Universities in Britain might just accept an original IGCSE or A-level certificate since they are familiar with them. In the UAE, a university might require the document to be attested by the UAE Ministry of Education, who will only attest it if the school is licensed by them (or the relevant education authority in the respective emirate - KHDA in Dubai, ADEZ in Abu Dhabi, etc).
3. Other documents such as passport, school reports, references, etc.

I'm not saying this with any degree of certainty though, just off the top of my head what I think sounds logical. If you are in Dubai, check with the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) for official information, or ask a couple of the Dubai universities what their entry requirements are.

Also, some employers might be more fussy than others when it comes to where your qualifications were obtained from. Especially at degree level because the whole labour permit / residence visa process for the UAE requires certain documents to be attested and certified (degrees for example).
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