Gas safety in Dubai schools and colleges

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Gas safety in Dubai schools and colleges

Postby Gassafety » 05 Nov 2009, 20:30

Hi Everyone I hope you can help?

We are a family business based in in the United Kingdom and we supply and manafacture Gas Safety systems for School Laboratories which are installed in classrooms all across the UK and Ireland. I was hoping you may be able to pass me on the contact details for someone who would deal with this in Dubai?

Our systems protects the schools out of hours, will protect the children from a gas leak and give the teacher full control of the gas in the classroom.

You can visit our website or contact me direct

I really hope you can help.

Kind Regards

Lee Dempsey
S & S Northern Ltd
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Dubai school laboratories

Postby shawarma » 05 Nov 2009, 22:22

Hello Gassafety and welcome to the Dubai school forums :).

You can approach this at several levels I guess.

1. Individual private schools in Dubai - that list has contact details and head's name if available.

2. School operators in Dubai - list is not very complete but some details are there. A school operator might have centralised purchasing for some items, or might leave it up to the individual school. GEMS Education and Taleem are two of the larger ones. Aldar Schools, Evolvence Education, and ETA Star Schools would be other education providers I'd try first.

3. Dubai education authority (KHDA) - they probably won't buy equipment themselves but could possibly make a recommendation, especially for government run public schools. Also try the Abu Dhabi education authority - Abu Dhabi is currently investing significantly in the education sector. For other emirates wait and see how you go with Dubai and Abu Dhabi. If good then try the others. If bad, then don't expect much. Here's a list of UAE education authorities (at the bottom of the page).

4. UAE Ministry of Education (MOE). There is some overlap between the MOE for the country, and the individual education authorities in each emirate. I think the MOE is in charge of overall finances for example.

Of course, as with anything in business, if you know someone or of someone, it helps. If that's what you were asking then I'm afraid I'm not much help for making introductions like that.
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