Attestations of my educational certificates

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Attestations of my educational certificates

Postby bijayb » 04 Dec 2007, 11:56

I did my Post Graduation Diploma in Business Administration from london from Heriot - Watt University which is a very well known UNI even in dubai, and i have also done my Bachelors in Business Management from India ... so my question is ... to apply for a job in dubai i have heard that I have to get my certificates attested, so what is the procedure for getting it done and do i have to get my certificate from uk also attested which comes from the university directly ..!!
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Re: Attestations of my educational certificates

Postby shawarma » 04 Dec 2007, 12:00

Yes you should get certificates attested. In the UK, you'd start at the University - they certify it, then a UK authority will certify that the university stamp is valid, then go to the UAE embassy and they'll certify that the UK authority stamp is valid. Or something like that. Ask the UAE embassy what they need.

It may be possible to do it all in Dubai now, something changed within the past few years. The UAE embassy in the UK should know.
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Re: Attestations of my educational certificates

Postby Nadia » 16 May 2008, 12:56

Get you certificates attested in Uk, i had a hell of a time when doing mine coz i was already here.
I had to send all my certificates back home and get my mum to do it all. Save yourself the stress and do it before you come over.
You need to get them attested by a lawyer, when you get over here you will also have to get them attested by the British Embassy, but wait thats not the end it, now they have to be attested by the UAE, my employer took care of this one so i dont know the procedure.
Good luck.
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