Teaching qualification and job agencies in Dubai

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Teaching qualification and job agencies in Dubai

Postby Shonayaya » 31 Jul 2014, 14:48

Hi Everyone :) I am new to this board so apologies if I have incorrectly posted this query in the wrong location.
I have a Batchelor's of Honours degree from Ireland and would like to travel to Dubai and teach. I am wondering who can I arrange employment with - what agencies would you recommend?

Furthermore, if possible I would like to attend evening classes/part-time college to fully qualify me as a teacher - is this possible? I am aware there are UK and American affiliated schools in Dubai and I was hoping that somebody may be able to help with this query.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)
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Re: Teaching qualification and job agencies in Dubai

Postby shawarma » 31 Jul 2014, 15:58

Schools in Dubai forum location was good enough. Topic moved to general UAE education forum since it's relevant to all emirates. A teaching in UAE forum might be created later if there's enough demand for one.

The better schools in the UAE will require a teaching qualification and a degree.

Some schools will be ok with just a degree, but the salary and job conditions won't be as good as the best schools.

It is possible to do a PGCE or equivalent in the UAE, but check carefully as there seems to be mixed information about official recognition of them. See the references below for more details. I think it's something to do with needing to teach for two years before becoming fully qualified. This is with regard to the UK. I don't know how different it is in Ireland, and schools here vary with respect to how strict they are about teaching qualifications, but obviously the best UK curriculum schools will expect proper qualifications.

There aren't many teaching job agencies to recommend. The TES jobs section is as good as anything. Or try ECIS. But even good job agencies and newspapers offer jobs at bad schools.

At this time of year you might be better off to spend a couple more weeks researching your options, and getting your CV done, then halfway through August or later, start sending applications directly to schools you're interested in.

Good schools will have teachers lined up for September but there are occasionally sudden changes which result in a vacancy. Bad schools will be desperate. But nothing much will happen until school administration departments return from their summer holidays.

Another consideration is to just come here in the last week of August, network, and go visit schools. Sometimes the best schools give jobs to walk-in candidates, especially if the timing is right. Assuming you're Irish nationality, you can get a visit visa on arrival in the UAE for 30 days.

UK and American "affiliated" schools are not very common, depending on what you mean by "affiliation". For example Repton School in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Brighton College and Cranleigh in Abu Dhabi, Bradenton Prep in Dubai. But the affiliation tends to be mostly the name and then for the most part the school is run independently in the UAE, and not with the same standards as the parent school depending on who you listen to. Don't think of them as branch campuses of their parent school.

If by "affiliation" you mean curriculum then yes, most English speaking private schools offer a UK or US curriculum. However, at many of those schools the ethos and culture is Arab Islamic, and quite different from what western teachers are used to, or expect.

Read all this information below, it might clear things up a bit. Or confuse things ...

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