Ministry of Education in Dubai did not approve degree

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Ministry of Education in Dubai did not approve degree

Postby MatthewRRose » 22 Aug 2014, 01:44

How's it going!

I'm new to this forum but really need some help or some guidance.

I accepted a job offer to teach in Dubai, however it was rescinded because the Dubai Ministry of Education would not approve my International Relations degree for teaching History. Despite the fact IR is a combination of history, political science, geography, and foreign language.

My degree is from an actual university and not an online university, I heard that was already an issue.

My Uncle and Aunt are teaching at the school I was to work and everything was going smoothly until this came up.

I am wondering if anyone else had any similar situation happen or know of a good way to contact the ministry of education in Dubai to kind of plead my case.

The school is already short staffed teachers and I really would like to get over there to work.

If any one out there can help let me know!
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Re: Ministry of Education in Dubai did not approve degree

Postby shawarma » 25 Aug 2014, 14:33

The Dubai education authority is called the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

The UAE education authority is the UAE Ministry of Education (MOE).

I don't know if one or the other or both are involved in the degree approval process for teaching jobs, however, if you have a recognized teaching qualification and a recognized degree, then I would have expected the approval process to be mostly a formality. Obviously there is a problem with either the degree awarding institute or the teaching qualification awarding institute as far as the UAE authorities are concerned. Or there was a problem with the attestation process for your qualifications.

Normally the attestation process goes something like this:

Degree certificate attested by university or college > attested by education ministry in country where degree obtained > attested by UAE embassy in that country > accepted by UAE education authority.

Yes online university degrees are usually not accepted by UAE authorities. But some offline university qualifications are also not acceptable - degree mills and scams were going on long before the internet made online degrees available.

Yes, contact the two education authorities in the UAE and ask what the problem is. Or if it's Abu Dhabi, the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) is the relevant authority there.

But the school which offered you a job should also have some idea, or be willing to try to assist you in some way. If they aren't, then it is likely to mean it's not a good school to work at, or the degree awarding institute has already been flagged as problematic by the UAE authorities.

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