Secret informers in schools

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Secret informers in schools

Postby shawarma » 03 Feb 2008, 14:22

What a bizarre idea :shock: ? Or is it a good idea?

MoE to adopt ‘secret informer policy’ soon
By Mohsen Rashid (Our staff reporter)
1 February 2008

DUBAI — The Ministry of Education will soon adopt a secret informer mechanism in its policies.

Such informers could be a parent, an MoE official, or anybody else who will pay random visits to the schools to check on the quality of services provided to the students as well as parents.

This was disclosed by Abdullah Musabah, Director-General of the MoE, at the meeting with principals of the future schools (Al Ghad schools) from all emirates on Tuesday.

The meeting held on the MoE premises was also attended by Dr Fawzeya Badri, Executive Director of Educational Affairs.

Musabah Ali stressed the need to rely on the Emirati personnel in the evaluation process. He said the administrations of Al Ghad schools would be tasked with evaluating its foreign experts in the near future.

The ministry would also undertake a similar exercise to select the best expertise and dispense with the rest.

Schools administrations, on the other hand, had a different opinion. They asked how can they evaluate the experts’ performance while they did not know their official designations in their schools even five months after the school year started.

Musabah Ali noted down the comments and continued the discussion.

“Regarding the school structure, new features and cadres will be added to the existing ones, such as customer service, reception, financial supervision, secretary general etc. However, there will be no room for personnel with no tasks in the schools,” he added.

He assured that the ministry would also undergo reforms to enhance performance. He added, “The aim behind (future schools) is not to develop 50 schools, it’s to transform all schools in the country to the future schools.”

Musabah Ali clarified that after the restructuring of school administrations, the role of a school principal would be administrative and technical, and they would undergo courses to qualify them for such tasks.

Educational zones, on the other hand, would be renamed as “school support service centres”.
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Re: Secret informers in schools

Postby Jennifer » 08 Mar 2008, 20:53

I think this is a good idea. In addition, please include to check school rules about suspension and expulsion.
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