School job agencies

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School job agencies

Postby The Salient One » 13 Feb 2008, 18:28

I agree,...

I wouldn't go into why their emails are obvious scams. I can say one thing,... I am 99% sure they are Nigerian.

If anyone is interested in working overseas, I'll suggest the following agencies;
Council of International Schools:
This the smallest, but the least expensive recruiting agency,... its free!
We met Mr. McKay in Accras at the AISA Conference. We are not going to their fair in London this week- we went to Search Associate instead last week.

International School Services:
There is about a $200 fee gto join, but they host several reputable job fairs throughout the world.
I cannot say much about ISS. I heard good things about their fairs. Many walk away with a job offer.

Search Associate:
There is about a $200 fee to join, but its the largest. We went to the IB Fair in London,... with limited IB experience, we nearly regretted the decision, but walked away with a couple of job offers. They gave us sound advice at their recent fair in London.

TIE Online:
It about a $35 fee (you can pay more for a more convenient service). They don't recruit per se, but they list job openings around the world. Some of the schools that post on TIE look a bit dodgy for my taste, but they are at least real.

The following are "Businesses that run schools throughout the world, including UAE. All of them post vacancies & recruit candidates with the above recrutiment organizations.
Quality Schools International:
ESOL- Education Service Overseas Limited:
Beacon Group:

I personally wouldn't stray too far away from the above groups.
Rules of thumb:
You should always contact the schools directly,... even recruiting agencies expect you to contact the schools with vacancies-
Recruiting agencies only assist you or provide a venue (a job fair) to meet admins from international schools.
Recruitment agencies NEVER offer you a job- only the schools can offer you a job.
International doesn't always mean "International."

Its also a very good idea to go to job fairs. They can be expensive depending on where you live and what fair you choose to go to, but it is well worth it. You will meet many other teachers there and you ask them questions about the countries & schools in the area. At a recent fair, we got a very diplomatic warning about a certain school in a particular country.

Well this is my two cents,... I don't know if this the best place for this response,.... I didn;t intend to get this involved when I first started typing

The Salient One!
The Salient One- Dubai 8/ 2008
The Salient One
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Re: School job agencies

Postby shawarma » 14 Feb 2008, 14:04

Good work Salient with that list of school job recruiting agencies. It's useful enough I think it deserves to be a topic on its own, so have split it from the Atika Language School topic where you posted it originally :).

There's also (European Council for International Schools) which, despite the name, does cater to job seekers searching for teacher jobs outside Europe. They hold one large fair each year in London in Jan/Feb and at least one more in May. Possibly others.
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