What does UAE student visa look like?

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What does UAE student visa look like?

Postby brain101 » 24 Sep 2008, 14:27

Hi all
how are you
I will go to AbuDhabi for study in Emirates Tecknology college
they send me a student visa
but im susbeciuos of this copy for this paper
Isearched on the web for such paper to compare it with mine but i could not found
I find this very usefull forum
If you can please help me
I want to see a copy of a student visa
because i am deadly need it ,, to make sure
please e-mail it for me or put it on this page
i will return here to see it
please help me by this softcopy of paper

waiting for your help
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Re: I need Quick Help with student visa

Postby shawarma » 25 Sep 2008, 01:15

Hello brain and welcome to the Dubai forums :).

Are you talking about Emirates College of Technology? If the visa genuinely did come from them, then I would expect it to be legitimate. They are licensed by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education so they should be a real institute and I would be surprised if they were issuing fake visas. The top should say something like UAE Immigration Department, then Entry Permit, then a reference number, then your name and other information. At the bottom should be a stamp and a bar code.

If you did get a fake visa, you won't know by looking at a picture on the internet since fake visas look the same as real visas. What you could try and do is contact the UAE immigration department directly and give them the number on your visa to confirm it has been issued by them. There's some contact details on the UAE visa page. Good luck :).
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