NOC UAE what, why, how?

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NOC UAE what, why, how?

Postby MrOmega » 13 Jun 2009, 12:23

Dear all,

Would you do me a favor and help me solving that mystery puzzle of the NOC in my mind please?

Yea, can you answer my norm questions mentioned above in terms of cancellation of labour card, cancellation of residence visa, advancing into another sponsor or company.

What are the ban lifting cases, and under which circumstances takes place?

I though that, I got studied all about the UAE Labour Law and its amendments, but till now i feel that, there're too many things in between still invisible and need to be understood.

You're invited to submit your experiences regarding that hot topic.

I'd like to suggest this topic and its related posts by others to be user-guide for whom it may concern about getting refresh and start again live & work inside UAE in legally.

In other words, This current topic assumes that, Intially YOU're under arrest by such COM or SPONSOR, so that YOU're seeking the freedom to start new age, and finally YOU're free and get relaxing, whatever you spent one year or even one second with your current sponsor and wherever you're Abu Dhabi, Dubai.

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UAE NOC case studies

Postby shawarma » 13 Jun 2009, 17:09

A good idea for a topic MO. If I understand correctly, you're suggesting employees post under what circumstances they obtained or were refused a No Objection Certificate (NOC) or letter.

See this information about UAE labour bans with the current situation. A difficulty with visa and labour laws in the UAE is that each emirate seems to interpret them differently, and/or add on their own rules. And UAE free zones operate differently. And then the bureaucrat you're dealing with on the day might have a different interpretaion of the rules, and so on and so one. So it's hard to find consistency. However, this topic might help. I'd suggest anyone replying should include the following:

NOC received or not?
Labour ban received or not?
Type of contract (limited or unlimited).
Length of contract if limited.
Position / job title.
Highest level qualification.
How long employed before leaving.
In which emirate employed.
Which emirate issued labour card.
Which free zone if in a free zone.
Fired or resigned?

Of course, don't post your real name, email address, ID numbers, or any other personally identifiable information.

If there are any other items that might make a difference, add them in your reply and I'll update the list.
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