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IDEX 2007

Postby shawarma » 22 Jan 2008, 01:58

  • What? IDEX 2007 - 8th International Defence Exhibition and Conference, displays of military hardware. Lots of guns, no butter.
  • Where? ADNEC - Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center
  • When? 18-22 February 2007
  • How much?
  • Tickets from where? Arrive at the door with your business card. Bring your passport for ID.
  • Organisers?
  • Main Sponsors?
  • Contact?
  • Website?
Anything else?

A handful of photos from IDEX 2007

There's a dirt area where trucks, tanks, armoured vehicles drive round and round, over a small hill, some logs, and through a water-filled trench (a bit like some of Dubai's waterlogged roads after a day or two of rain). Interesting to watch ... for a few minutes.

Good show to visit if you like weapons and machines.
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