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FTV Resort

Postby shawarma » 07 May 2008, 23:57

  • Property name: Fashion TV resort (FTV resort) - see also FTV palace on Finland (update - both resorts denied, see next post)
  • Development: The World by Nakheel
  • Location: Brunei island
  • Emirate: Dubai
  • Completion date of construction (expected or actual):
  • Completion date of construction (scheduled): 2011
  • Start date of construction:
  • Project value: AED 2.4 billion together with FTV palace on Finland island.
  • Area (size):
  • Developer: Salya Corporation
  • Consultants:
  • Architect / Designer:
  • Project manager:
  • Construction firm:
  • Main/exclusive sales agent:
  • Villa types: suites, villas, waterfront homes
  • Foreign / Expat Ownership: freehold
  • Residence visa included for expats: presumably yes
  • Payment Plan:
  • Mortgage finance from:
  • Unit sizes (excluding/including balcony):
  • Unit prices (Original Price / OP):
  • April 2008 prices:
  • OP per square foot: AED 9175 ($2,500)
  • April 2008 price per square foot: AED 9175 ($2,500) - unknown if available for sale yet
  • Telephone:
  • Website:
Other facilities and information

Information from press report in Emirates Business 24 April 2008 by Hamed Al Sewerky. However, article not available online now, and similar article in ArabianBusiness.com is also not available at the time of this posting. Emirates Business quoted the DIrector of Salya, Dr Rakesh Chandola, so presumably the information is accurate.

"Located at The World, the Fashion TV resort will offer a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity to those who seek to invest safely in real estate and want a piece of the pie of world fashion. The project has been designed around a hub of activities related to the fashion world, with worldwide broadcasts of fashion shows and related themes, attracting the who’s who of the fashion world," he said

Salya Corporation (Salya Homes?) paid AED 800 million for both Brunei and Finland islands (unknown what each island cost), and plans to spend another AED 2.4 billion on development (again, split between islands unknown).

Brunei and Finland (or FTV resort and FTV palace) join Greenland's Isla Moda (announced in January 2008) as fashion themed islands.

DubaiFAQs.com pages with related information

Please reply to this topic with relevant information and this first post will be updated. If quoting this post, please remove unnecessary information. Thanks :)

In general, for all UAE property developments, information given here is usually based on information supplied from press releases, media reports, company marketing, and may not be independently confirmed. Unit sizes are unlikely to be vastly different but layout and design could change. Actual completion date could be months or even years later than promised delivery dates.
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No FTV Resort

Postby shawarma » 08 May 2008, 00:24

Well, maybe there's a good reason those articles are not available. As it turns out, after a bit more searching, I was too quick to start these topics :(.

ArabianBusiness.com carried a report the next day (28 April 2008) that Salya would not be building fashion related resorts on Brunei and Finland, although they did confirm purchasing the islands.

So just who is Dr Rakesh Chandola? And what was that gibberish he was spouting to Emirates Business 24-7 then (see previous post)? Here's what ArabianBusiness were told the next day...

Fashion TV islands on The World ruled out
by Dylan Bowman

"While Salya World Island has bought two islands on The World, their concepts are still under development and pending approvals," Salya said in a statement to ArabianBusiness.com.

"However, we can confirm it is not related to any theme or concept related to fashion or Fashion TV islands. We are in touch with the master developer and will bring out an amazing development shortly."

A spokesperson for Nakheel added: "We can confirm Salya has bought two islands, but there will be only one fashion island on The World."
Please use the forum for questions, not the PM system.
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