Renting a room in Dubai

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Renting a room in Dubai

Postby milkn2sugars » 09 Dec 2008, 01:20

Is this possible? Im basically enquiring as to whether there is a possibility of finding a room for rent in Dubai...i have the possiblity of applying for a job but they cannot provide me with accomodation until june. They have offered me an allowance for rental but it wont cover the cost of renting an apartment on my own. Do people advertise rooms for rent in Dubai..if so where do they advertise? I really would like to go for this job as long term it will be very worthwhile...any ideas? Thanks.
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Dubai shared accommodation

Postby shawarma » 09 Dec 2008, 18:15

Yes, it's possible to rent a room.

Umm Suqeim and Jumeirah have many villas which are shared accommodation, many other areas have shared apartments. Also villa shares in Rashidiya and possibly Mirdiff.

However the Dubai Municipality is clamping down on sharing - search one of the UAE newspapers for Dubai villa sharing to read lots of background and stories of people getting turfed out.

People still share though. Some of the freehold areas in Dubai like The Springs, The Meadows, etc are exempt from the DM rule on no villa sharing, and the DM haven't started on apartments yet (but they say they will).

The newspaper classifieds have flat and villa share sections (despite reporting on it being illegal - that's Dubai irony for you), and websites like should have some ads. Expect to pay 4k-8k per month for a room, and it probably won't be easy to find one, especially from overseas (and to be honest, I wouldn't sign up for anything without meeting the other tenants and seeing the place - there's no regulation of the shared accommodation market so anything goes). You could also start a "shared accommodation wanted" post in the Dubai classifieds section here ...
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