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Baniyas City

Postby shawarma » 31 Dec 2007, 18:27

Baniyas City is a development in Abu Dhabi. Announcement 30 December 2007 that Baniyas Investment & Development (BID) was to develop an AED 2.2 billion mixed use project in Baniyas City.

Baniyas Investment and Development was established in 2005 as a subsidiary of Baniyas Sports Club.
BID project will cover 108 hectares and house 3000 residents. It will include:

  • residential towers and villas
  • commercial towers
  • shopping mall 140,000 sq m with 225 outlets and carpark for 2280 cars
  • medical center
  • school - managed by a Swiss organization
  • a ballroom to be available for functions, free of charge for Baniyas and neighbouring residents. What? Free of charge :shock: ?
  • new headquarters and sports facilities for the Baniyas Sports Club including a 20,000 seat main stadium, seven training fields and indoors multi-purpose courts

construction starting shortly (early 2008?)
completion scheduled for 2009

press release at ameinfo


Is there a website? is reserved by UAEnic, gives dns error, nothing else found.
What is the name of this new Baniyas City real estate project?
What else is going to be in Baniyas City?
Anything to do with Baniyas City in Syria?
Artists impression from APSA - is it the same Baniyas development?

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