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Reem Island

Postby shawarma » 17 Feb 2008, 13:46

  • Property name: Al Reem Island is an island in the emirate of Abu Dhabi off the coast of Abu Dhabi city (which is also on an island). Project will have a large number of residential, commercial, and entertainment projects, also schools, hospitals, university, hotels, etc. Also known as Abu Al Shuoom island (Abu Shaoum, Abu Al Shaoum, Al Shoom, Al Shuom). Major developers are Tamouh, Sorouh, and Reem.

    Population could be 350,000 but that number comes from a June 2006 Gulf News report which appeared to have erroneous data. Another report says population 280,000 (several sources, original unknown). Another says 344,000 (Hyder Consulting Middle East), same report gives island area as 633 ha but increasing to 860 ha after reclamation - still much lower than the press release saying 1300 ha. Construction Week in June 2006 said Reem Island population about 100,000 and area 900 ha. Tamouh brochure says 100,000 residents (could be just for Tamouh developments)

    Note that individual numbers below don't add up to overall values. Data come from press releases and news sources at different times. It's not uncommon for project plans to change substantially over time.

    Sectors/sub projects will include (some names may not be current anymore - anything with the name Pearl in it is, or was, a Tamouh Investments development):
    • Addax Port
    • Emirates Pearl city
    • Empire Tower (in Shams Abu Dhabi)
    • Central Park
    • City of Lights
    • Danet Gateway (Tamouh) - not Reem Island
    • Fantasy Island (Tamouh) - near Reem Island
    • Mangrove Residences
    • Marina Blue (Tamouh) < Marina Square - completion December 2009?
    • Marina Square (Tamouh)
    • Marina Square Zone C (IJM Consortium, Malaysia), project value AED 5 billion, construction started Aug 2006? Completion scheduled for 2009 Q1. Five residential buildings, hypermarket, villas. MIght be only one part of zone C?
    • Mass public transport system
    • Meena Plaza (Tamouh) - Madinat Zayed (Sheikh Zayed CIty?), not Reem Island
    • Najmat (Reem Investments)
    • Ocean Terrace (Tamouh)
    • Pearl Central Garden
    • Pearl City Business Central (or Pearl Business Center or similar)
    • Pearl of the Emirates?
    • Pearl South Garden
    • Shams Abu Dhabi (Soruoh Real Estate). Construction began July 2006. Phase I completion scheduled for 2009, full project completion 2011, population about 70,000.
    • Sky Tower (Sorouh) < The Gate < Shams < Reem Island. Commercial on first 39 floors, residential on remainder - total 83 storeys and 380 meters high. Mortgage finance (90%, 25 years) from ADCB, Amlak, NBAD, Tamweel.
    • Tala Tower < Marina Square < Sorouh
    • The Gate district
    • The Park
    • The Pearl
    • Uni Cyber City / Unicity (Tamouh) - near Abu Dhabi International Airport, not Reem Island
  • Development: Al Reem Island
  • Completion date of construction (expected or actual):
  • Completion date of construction (scheduled): 2023 or so for entire project. 2009-2010 for intial phase - some buildings, infrastructure. Although in June 2006, the Gulf News reported that Douglas C Small of Tamouh Investments said the whole island would be completed by 2008 ("Reem Island developments are coordinated to be delivered all together by September 2008")! That surely was some sort of error. The report also said island area was 63 hectares - a fraction of the actual size.
  • Start date of construction: 2005 Q1
  • Project value: AED 40 billion (US$ 10 billion)
  • Area: 13 sq km (1300 hectares, 13m sq meters, 140m sq ft). Other figures seen are 63 ha, 633 ha (which are presumably errors)
  • Emirate: Abu Dhabi
  • Developers:
    • ABB (Asea Brown Boveri Ltd), Switzerland - electricity infrastructure - three 132/22 kilovolt substations, contract worth AED 462 m.
    • Al Rayyan Investment Company, Al Ain
    • National Real Estate Investment Company, Abu Dhabi
    • Nurol Group (Nurol Construction Company), Turkey - construction of 8-lane, 600 meter bridge joining Al Reem island to Abu Dhabi, and construction of bridges and canals in Shams Abu Dhabi on Reem Island.
    • PPM International, Malaysia
    • Reem Investments (Al Reem Investments), Abu Dhabi - 20-25% of island with project value of about AED 20 billion ($5.5 million), area 1.8 m sq m, population 80,000
    • Sorouh Real Estate, Abu Dhabi - Shams Abu Dhabi on 20-25% of Reem Island, area 1.3m sq m, project value AED 20-25 billion (at least), population about 100,000, about 22,000 residential units, completion scheduled for 2011. Sorouh offers freehold properties rather than leasehold? But Abu Dhabi properties are leasehold only?
    • Tamouh Investments (Al Tamouh Investments) - 60% of island
  • Project manager:
  • Construction firms:
  • Telephone: +971-2-6454665
  • Websites:,,
Other facilities and information

PDF downloads

Tamouh brochure for Reem Island developments (download, 13 pages)
Transport report for bridge traffic projections between Reem Island and Abu Dhabi, and Reem island population projections (download, 10 pages)

Dubai FAQs pages with useful information

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