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Accommodation rental costs in RAK

PostPosted: 06 Jan 2010, 18:30
by ibeattieedwards
I have been offered a furnished room, with seperate bath, and all the other usual facilities in a town house near to Spinneys.


the entire town house, with 4 bedrooms, all uslay facilites.

what would be a reasonable monthly rental for either option, plus utilities.

short term, 3 mths renewable basis

many thanks,


Re: Accommodation rental costs in RAK

PostPosted: 07 Jan 2010, 15:17
by shawarma
Hello ibeattieedwards and welcome to the RAK forums :).

I'm not very familiar with Ras Al Khaimah property but if you're near the Spinneys in RAK, I presume you're talking about Al Hamra Village near the Al Hamra Mall? There should be information available from UAE real estate agents about property rentals there, or try a site like or the Gulf News Classified Ads.

As a wild guess I'd say AED 150k-250k for a 4 bedroom (per year), maybe 15k-30k on a short term monthly basis. Or 1.5k-3k per month for a room. But I'd be very happy for someone to correct me on those numbers.