Sponsorship wanted for UAE

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Sponsorship wanted for UAE

Postby 0mo » 07 Jun 2008, 20:22

Dear Friends,

I am energetic young guy and desperately want to further my professional career with a growth-oriented company that will enhance and will allow me to utilize my knowledge and experiences. But i have find it very much difficult to obtain a job while i am outside U.A.E. I have been in constant contact with one of the most renowned member of the Forum. An idea was given to me by this noble and renowned individual that i should bring the current situation in the forum so it can be discuss.

The current situation is I need a job in the U.A.E., but I m finding it so difficult to get a job because i am staying outside the U.A.E.

The help i need-- I need someone to help me find a sponsor; company / individual and i can pay all the requirements for getting the necessary visa. Be of it 2 months visitor visa or work permit to enable me come to the U.A.E. and work.

Can anyone help me please?
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Re: Sponsorship wanted for UAE

Postby employment+ » 01 Nov 2009, 07:48

To obtain a visit visa to Dubai, contact the Emirates office in New Delhi. They will give you their Call Centre number. The Call Centre will further guide you on how to obtain a visa. IF you are not in ND, they will still guide you on how to approach the concerned office closest to your city. If you fulfil their requirements, the visa will come through in 3 working days.
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