Food critics needed in Dubai

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Food critics needed in Dubai

Postby ICforYou » 10 Apr 2009, 20:46

  • Item or service: Food critics needed
  • Wanted or offered: Wanted
  • Location: Dubai
  • How much:
  • Contact:
More information:

I am a Private Investigator in America and our client in Dubai is looking for investigators and food critics to assess restaurants in Media City and Town Center.
These jobs are full reimbursement for one person plus their companion.
If you or anyone you know might be interested in this work, please be kind enough to let me know.
This opportunity is legitimate, requires good writing skills and will be paid in American dollars.
Please advise and thank you so very much. :)
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Re: Food critics needed in Dubai

Postby Virgo » 19 Apr 2009, 10:53


I came across your advertisement on this website and was interested in knowing more about what this job entails. Do we need a certain qualification or just need to be a lover of food....which I am ...

Will look forward to a response and more information on the job etc would be welcome.

Have a great day!!

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Re: Food critics needed in Dubai

Postby rewaa_1 » 20 May 2009, 16:30

hi,i am a reporter by formation but not experience in the field u require.get back with some more infos,mail me what exactly u need...thanks.
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Re: Food critics needed in Dubai

Postby Muskaan » 08 Jun 2009, 08:57

Hi there,
Would like to know what is the crieteria for a Food Critic you are lookin for.
Since am a very good cook and have quite a good knowledge about ingredients and preparations used to make a good receipe, I think I can satisfy your needs.
Please lemme know
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Re: Food critics needed in Dubai

Postby shabeerptel » 08 Jul 2009, 16:14

I am Shabeer Ahmed Patel I have done my hotel management and i have a good taste for food and i have a hobby to visit different restaurants to know the what food taste the best there. i think i would be the best suitable candidate for this vacancy.
My Email :
PhNo +919972965555
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Re: Food critics needed in Dubai

Postby vadoadubai09+ » 06 Sep 2009, 03:08

Hi i m an ex executive chef working here as Gm of famous local group starting business in food and beverage.
In 2009 i visit and report by mail 62 restaurant in Italy. i could be aviable for the position during September full time and from October a couple of time a week

waiting for ur reply
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Re: Food critics needed in Dubai

Postby Manjulatha » 16 Dec 2009, 13:32

I am a Graduate in dairy technology and worked as aquality control officer in dairy, Ice cream industry for 5 years. I am a good cook and enjoys a lot in visiting places and trying new recipes, sharing the views about food and recipes with friends and family. I would like to be a food critic. I have come recently to Dubai after staying in Saudi arabia for 7 years. please send me mail if you are interested.
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We need your help!

Postby ICforYou » 21 Apr 2010, 03:29

If you are not already familiar, food criticism and mystery shopping of restaurants is commonly full reimbursement for you and a guest, in exchange for a comprehensive online report of your experience. As long as the shopper can write English well, have an eye for detail and paint a portrait of their experience for the client, they should work out just fine.
We currently have a client offering delicious Japanese food in Media City and Town Center. The lunches are in Media City (11 AM - 2 PM) and afford lunch for two, up to $60.00 American Dollars (220.25 Dirham). The Dinners are in Town Center (5 PM - 8 PM) and afford dinner for two, up to $80.00 American Dollars (293.75 Dirham). All payments/reimbursement will be made in American Dollars.

Ordering requirements:
1 Round of beverages/drinks for 2 , 1 Appetizers to share, 2 Different Entrees, 1 dessert to share (Dessert is optional). *Evaluator anonymity is key for these evaluations, evaluator must be able to blend into the crowd. *Evaluators should have experience in evaluating higher end properties and has excellent writing and observation skills. You must use a credit card for payment. We look forward to working with you.

If you are interested, or know someone who is, we will be offering these jobs monthly and will need many people in Dubai to call upon. Please apply to be a shopper at and as soon as you have, please email me right away.
Thanks so very much for your interest! :)
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