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Tuition for Science and Maths in Dubai

PostPosted: 11 Oct 2009, 19:16
by shinemaliakkal
  • Item or service: Chemistry, Science and Maths tuition
  • Wanted or offered: offered
  • Location: Dubai
  • How much:
  • Contact: tel 050 1163196,
More information:

To get 100 percent mark in ISC chemistry Theory and Practical as well as in ICSE chemistry exam. Ten years experience in ISC Chemistry adn ICSE chemistry teaching. As well as experience in ISC chemistry practical paper evaluation for past five years. Giving hint to how to write the theory paper and practical paper to score full mark in chemistry.. Make Chemistry as the easiest subject more than anything because nothing is there without chemistry. Making Subject interest, giving idea about how to study. how to utilse your time. Now in Dubai. Keralite, Msc Chemistry (1996 MG University). Contact 050 1163196.
Have a good experience in teaching physics and Maths upto class X. students cirlce from various schools of dubai.