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Apple International School AIS Dubai reviews

PostPosted: 09 Sep 2008, 12:21
by shawarma
Apple International School Al Qusais (AIS) - information page.


Fee range of 5,220-8,100 dhs per year (from AIS website) is for 2008-2009? KHDA says AIS was not eligible for fee increase (they asked for 40%) since fees were up by 16% for 2007-2008.
Who is the head / prinicipal? Nita Maitra? It was Dolly Goriawala but she now appears to be principal at the Star International School in Sharjah?
How many students?
How many teachers?
What is teacher salary range and package?

Any comments, opinions from students, teachers, or parents about Apple International School? Reply with them here ...

AIS librarian beaten up

PostPosted: 09 Sep 2008, 12:49
by shawarma
There was a story back in March 2008 in the Gulf News that the Apple International School (AIS) librarian was assaulted on 10 March 2008 by the family of a grade 3 student, after a school supervisor had asked the parents to come in for a meeting about the pupil, who had been reprimanded by the librarian. And I always thought being a librarian was such a peaceful career option :shock: ...

The pupil's mother, grandmother and domestic help burst into her classroom while she was teaching and assaulted her causing the teacher to faint. The incident took place on March 10 at The Apple International School which caters to the British curriculum and is located in Al Ghusais. Nita Maitra, the principal of the school confirmed the incident and said that she was shocked by what had happened and the effect it would have on the staff and the pupils who witnessed it.

"After a while when I was busy attending to Grade 6 pupils, the mother, the grandmother along with their domestic help of the pupil rushed into my class. In the beginning the domestic help tried to push and pull me around, and then the mother and the grandmother started to slap me on my cheek. They were also shouting at me at the same time. This happened in front of the Grade 6 pupils. I just fainted and the next thing that I remember was being carried on a stretcher and being taken to hospital," said the librarian.

Re: Apple International School AIS Dubai

PostPosted: 26 May 2011, 09:15
by terrible
This one of the terrible school. Last year they really made an effort to academics, discipline etc. But the current principal and suoervisors are the most ignorant and arrogant team. They have no idea of an INternational curriculum. School charges a whooping AED 600 just for activites. But the activities which children are asked to do - lower classes, "put your head down and sleep". Higher classes - go, and do the supervisor/teacher's work - doing the bulletin board, minding classes where the teacher is absent etc... PATHETIC! Irony is they got "acceptable" for this !

Re: Apple International School AIS Dubai reviews

PostPosted: 06 Jun 2011, 00:43
by worried parent
Totally agree with terrible.
Please don't recommend this school to anyone - whether teachers or students. People who work in it don`t know anything about how to teach UK curriculum (including the principal and supervisors). Despite all the complaints, they managed an acceptable-these people are very good at lying. There are no native English teachers, some classes have no teachers for the whole of the year, some classes have had four or more teacher changes in his year. Teachers have been leaving from the start of this year and it is still not stopped. As teachers are unhappy they leave and this creates a problem for the students. The classroom is packed with 30-35 students in a class. Syllabus is cut short due to lack of time management and planning from the teachers/supervisors. In the end, the child does not know what is expected from every child in his/her grade level.

worried parent of 3 children.

Re: Apple International School AIS Dubai reviews

PostPosted: 06 Nov 2014, 14:38
by shawarma
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