[Update] School of Knowledge Sharjah

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[Update] School of Knowledge Sharjah

Postby Fauzia » 24 Mar 2009, 12:20

  • School Name: School of Knowledge
  • Emirate / City / Town: Sharjah
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School of Knowledge Sharjah

Postby shawarma » 26 Mar 2009, 15:01

Hello Fauzia, welcome to the Dubai forums and thanks for starting the topic. If you have any further information about the following, that would be helpful to update the SOK Sharjah page.

School of Knowledge Sharjah information page.

  • Principal / Headteacher name:
  • Executive Body/Owner:
  • Date school was founded:
  • Dates and details of major refurbishments, or relocation (past or future dates):
  • School day start and finish times for students (both girls and boys shifts if applicable):
  • Number of students (approx):
  • Nationality of most students, or nationality breakdown: Indian?
  • Number of teaching staff (approx):
  • Nationality of most teaching staff, or nationality breakdown:
  • Range of students: SOKS is KG to grade 6 only?
  • Email: Is sok1990@eim.ae correct?
  • Teacher salary range per month (and details of package - accommodation, flights, medical):
Any other comments about School of Knowledge which would be helpful for students, teachers, and/or parents:
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Re: School of Knowledge Sharjah

Postby Dr_R » 26 May 2009, 13:45

I would like to know more about the School of knowledge from parents who already have their children studying there.
As a new mom I want the best schooling for my daughter. Is SOK a good start? :)
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Re: School of Knowledge Sharjah

Postby sadia » 30 Aug 2010, 10:15

i do not have an experience of school of knowledge but i know Mrs Jackson... my favourite teacher of grade one i started my schooling with her she taught me the song She 'll be riding six nine horses when she comes she used to luv us alot and now as a school principal i know she would be the best.if any case Mrs Jackson reads this mess Mam !today i have three kids i m an ESL teacher for children i still remember your smile and the red indian dance we did together.

Re: School of Knowledge Sharjah

Postby Roxy429 » 29 Jun 2011, 11:41

Dr_R wrote:I would like to know more about the School of knowledge from parents who already have their children studying there.

Yes,I feel it is the best school because even my daughter studies there.And it is a good start :)

Re: School of Knowledge Sharjah

Postby Momof2 » 11 Nov 2014, 13:51

Both my kids are going to SOK and I think it's one of the best schools in the area with an affordable fee structure. The curriculum is excellent and is focused on helping the kids develop basic reading and arithmetic skills early on. However, the management is sometimes not very accommodating of parents' complains. And the front desk office can even be rude sometimes. That being said, I'd still stick to this school, for the quality of education and social experience my kids are getting here.

Re: School of Knowledge Sharjah

Postby unn » 22 Sep 2016, 14:05

SOK standard has gone down school doesnot even effort to give proper ID Cards to student ID cards are hand written by student . Normal 1 Dhs ID Card & Teaching In Maths Class they make 3 group challenge 1 challange 2 & Challenge 3 . Challenge 3 is suppose to be bright student so they are give difficult sum to solve . have you ever seen this typing of teaching according to me bright student & weak student are suppose to be given equal opportunity or else bright and weak student should be mixed in the group in SOK its other way and importance are only given to bright student weak student are neglected i hope Ministry take some action

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