Emirates National School Al Ain reviews

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Emirates National School Al Ain reviews

Postby shawarma » 03 Dec 2007, 15:26

Emirates National School in Al Ain (ENSAA, ENS-AAN) - information page.

ENS Al Ain is a relatively new school? A number of students and teachers apparently moved to ENS from Al Ain English Speaking School.

Some positive feedback heard about this school. Unlike its sister school, Emirates National School in Abu Dhabi.

Any comments, reviews, information updates?
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Re: Emirates National School Al Ain

Postby ZCF » 04 Sep 2008, 22:17

Ms. Carter is no longer principal of the Primary School; she was replaced in 2007 by a principal from Jordan (Mustafa), an excellent principal. Unfortunately, he left and the actual (09/2008) principal is absolutely terrible, and I'm put it nicely. ENS has excellent facilities and teachers, but the staff in Al Ain is way below standards. If the actual principal stays, all western parents will search for another school, that's for sure. It's such a waste, it was a promising project, really a shame...And now parents are again running out of alternatives in Al Ain.
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Re: Emirates National School Al Ain

Postby sandy gallop » 11 Aug 2010, 01:07

American Director for all 4 campuses started this past year with IB experience. ENS Board chair is on the international IB board and he has visited and spoken to Al Ain parents about the accreditation processes in place. Australian male principal at boys school also IB experienced. American/Lebanese? woman principal at primary school. All doing a fine job. Ex-pat parents are few yet I have no issues with the school after 3 years. Teachers are well qualified and have many years experience which for me is the most critical point of the school relationship for my children. No, Al Ain has less choice for western parents but the default school (AAESS) doesn't even rate on the recent government quality rankings. It's more of a babysitting destination as opposed to an educational establishment. My kids are very happy at ENS and have numerous friends from all nationalities. Their academic progress is steady and I am not worried for their future options at this stage.
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Re: Emirates National School Al Ain

Postby sandy gallop » 01 Apr 2011, 14:39

Can report that during this past year the negative change at the school has meant that nearly all foreign families have withdrawn their children. This in fact has been going on for at least 2 years now. Only children left are those of the foreign teaching staff. Unruly nature of the majority of the children is not welcomed nor is the lack of support by Arabic staff. No need to consider this school as it is now purely a local private school with little to offer other than an air conditioned outdoor play area.
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Re: Emirates National School Al Ain

Postby Betti » 27 Apr 2011, 09:42

Hi Sally, have just read your recent post re the Emirates National School, Al Ain. So sad that the school seems to be going downhill. In 2010 you sounded really happy with the school and changes made, and a year later you have withdrawn your kids. Hopefully things will again change for the better? The reason I'm interested is that I've been offered a teaching position at the school and that would mean that I'd also have to enrol my kids there, now I'm not so sure . . . . If you read this post, I'd appreciate some comments from you before I make a decision. PS,what is life in Al Ain like for us expats?

Re: Emirates National School Al Ain

Postby Tony » 23 May 2011, 19:50

Betti, under no circumstances should you enrol your children in this establishment. I have completed my 2 years here and can honestly say it is the worst school I have ever had the misfortune to "teach" at. Believe me all the negetive things you read about the place are TRUE. They have great facilities, amazing dedicated teachers but the administration is disfunctional right from the Director General and his wife to the principals. They have absolutely NO idea of how to run a school or manage staff. They are hell bent on getting the establishment an IB accreditation even if this has no bearing on the pupils learning. The pupils are nearly all Emirates, as most expats withdrew their kids earlier this year. Emirates have no desire to learn, have learning problems, are the worst behaved bunch I have ever come across and if you dont give a child 90% for a subject even if the get eveything wrong, expect to have a confrontation with the parent and the management will NOT support you. The Director, boys principal at Al Ain have resigned and will join 90% of the high school staff in getting out of the place. Employment agencies will no longer deal with this school as they value their reputation above a dollar and could no longer copee with the complaints of teachers they posted here. The schools bank will not give any loans or credit cards to staff because of the high turnover of staff. So there you have it. Come if you like but beware, accept the money and other perks but DO NOT wear yourself out in trying to educate this lot. You will be the worse off. Good luck

Re: Emirates National School Al Ain reviews

Postby skyblue » 22 Jun 2011, 19:55

I wrote a substantial reply earlier today on the Abu Dhabi site. I work at ENS Al Ain (one more day!) but I just wanted people to be aware that many posts from Al Ain people are in the Abu Dhabi page because it attracts more readers.

So, if you have applied for a job with ENS, please make sure you view the Abu Dhabi ENS page as well as this one.

However, in a nutshell, you cannot imagine in your wildest dreams the daily unfolding dramas in this school. Please reconsider very carefully.

Re: Emirates National School Al Ain reviews

Postby Itreallyisthatbad » 24 Jun 2011, 19:23

Quick summary.

Good -
Paid on time, well actually sometimes not (3 months in a row in 2008).
Nice building to look at.
Accommodation is good, could be given 2day notice to move though.
Paid well for area. However teachers leaving for less wages to work in better school, big cuts in pay to do so.
Website - not true reflection, all for show, like everything else.

Bad -
Where to start.

No real curriculum, IB name only, not in practice, lots of other things that will take it's place soon, using IB name to get staff and build name for school
Resources that do not match the level of the students.
Resources that you are forced to use even though the schools MAP testing shows the students are at least 2 years behind, and they cannot read the resources, this is not just 2 or 3 from a class it is 2 or 3 that can from a whole grade group.
Students only speak English to ask a question of the teacher, rest of time they speak in arabic, including home and out of school.
Often no toilet paper in toilets, or in school at all.
Paper, board markers etc hard or impossible to get. Fill in form for one pen.
No behaviour management system at all, well it is in student hand book, but never followed as parents have to much power.
Parents can contact people on the board or the liaison person with sheikh directly to complain about anything, bypassing school management.
Parents make up career ending allegations against teachers, just to have child moved, grades improved, or just because they can. And no support from school, and no consequence to parents if they lying.
Computers, photocopiers etc never work.
All rumours are true, FACT, they always come true.
Management are often bogged down with meetings and parents to actually help with their staff and student issues, often only principal and no support for them. Makes for no one running the daily life of school.
Sexual abuse in Al Ain boys school, condoms found, boys asked to "make sex for 100", nothing done once reported, swept under carpet as does not exist here, too hard basket.
Staff fired at very short notice 2 days before end of year. Yes some were not that great, but some were amazing. It is not the who it is the how and when!

This is the tip of the ice berg! I know it reads like a fantasy novel of the worst school ever, and if you had lived it like us, then at times you have to just laugh at the total stupidity and unbelievability of what goes on, or what does not go on. It really is that bad.
Do you think that they have found the worst teachers in the world for 6 years running?
Do you think that we have all been sacked?
Do you think that you really will change it? IT WILL NEVER CHANGE !
Do you think we would say there is no toilet paper if this was small issue?
Do you think the children who speak very little English, can use the grade level English first language books you must use?
Can you please check the Abu Dhabi page as there is a lot there from Al Ain as well?
Do you think that those leaving this year did not get glowing references and a personal thank you?

It really is that bad !

Re: Emirates National School Al Ain reviews

Postby flowertree1974 » 01 Jul 2015, 09:15

Emirates National School is not a place for children.

From KG to Grade 2/3 is ok. Once the students move up from there, it's down hill.

Management is a joke. They fire teachers left and right with no warning or reason. No teacher is happy there.
Everyone there is stuck in a contract they can not get out of.

This is NOT an IB school. It seems like it on the outside but it is all PR. The things that happen in the bathrooms at ENS
are disgusting and despicable. Something that is brushed under the rug and never spoken about.

Very very sad and bad place to put children in....

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