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University of Waterloo UAE UW

Postby shawarma » 15 Mar 2009, 03:07

  • University Name: University of Waterloo UAE Campus in Dubai (UW or UOW?), a new university opening in September 2009, accepting enrolments now. If anyone has further information about the following items, please reply here :).
  • Description of school location: Dubai Academic City, at Dubai Men's College (HCT) for the first couple of years?
  • Executive Body/Owner: Presumably UW in Canada, but is there a local partner? HCT/CERT?
  • University is profit making or non-profit: Presumably profit making?
  • Number of students (approx): about 50-60 in each program expected
  • Nationality of most students, or nationality breakdown:
  • Number of teaching staff (approx):
  • Nationality of most teaching staff: Assumed to be Canadian since UW say teachers from their head office will be coming to teach in the UAE.
  • Curriculum: Canadian
  • Qualifications offered: Not clear, I assume BEng (Bachelor of Engineering) and BSc (Bachelor of Science) but it would be nice to see that clearly stated.
  • How much are the annual fees: On UW FAQs page, figure of AED 72,000 is stated, but that does not include accommodation or books (or presumably other living expenses such as car, food, clothes ...)
  • Lecturer salary range per month (and details of package - accommodation, flights, medical): Might not be easy to get a job at UW if they're supplying staff in-house.
  • Any other comments which would be helpful for students, teachers, and/or parents:

What will female students do while UW is at Dubai Men's College? Seems odd to have a co-ed campus established in a segregated tertiary institute. Then again, if female students do attend, the authorities might view it with interest for possible future co-education in the HCT?
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