Dubai Petroleum Training Centre (DPTC)

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Dubai Petroleum Training Centre (DPTC)

Postby shawarma » 15 Jan 2008, 12:23

Dubai Petroleum Training Centre - information page.

Dubai Petroleum Training Centre (DPTC) is a Dubai based safety and technical training center for the Middle East Oil & Gas industry. DPTC will be developed by the Dubai Petroleum Establishment (DPE) and Petrofac (PFC on the London Stock Exchange), managed and operated by Petrofac Training. It was announced 13 January 2008 and is scheduled to open July/August 2008.

It will be located at DPE headquarters in Dubai. DPE is a Dubai Government company that manages Dubai's offshore petroleum assets as of April 2007. There are four offshore oil fields - Fateh, Southwest Fateh, Rashid and Falah.

Petrofac Training provides training and consultancy to the oil & gas industry worldwide, with headquarters in Aberdeen (UK) and Sharjah (UAE).

No further information in press release.

When is opening date?
What are contact details (tel, fax, PO Box)?
Website? (nothing at, and is a spam site with very irritating pop-ups)
Course details and fees?
Instructor salary scale?
Please use the forum for questions, not the PM system.
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oil seismic interpretation training

Postby humphrey » 19 Jul 2011, 19:11

I am a Geologist and have being pratising for 2 years,I want to broaden my knowledge on oil seismic interpretation.When is the programme holding because I will like to enrol in your company.My employer is ready to pay the tuition fee and other expenses.I will prefer September 2011 Class.Hope to getting your reply soon

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