[Update] BBA degree in Abu Dhabi

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[Update] BBA degree in Abu Dhabi

Postby UroojF99999 » 01 Mar 2011, 19:30

Hey . can anyone of you tell me about some well reputed university in Abu Dhabi for students who want to do BBA . Actually , I am from Pakistan , doing A'Levels . but I am hoping to study in Abu Dhabi so I can complete my BBA from there only . Please let me know as soon as possible . I shall apply soon , since I shall be done with my complete A Levels till May InshaAllah .

Thanks , all . Kindly update me and mail me on [edit by mod]personal details removed - please see forum guidelines[/edit].

Abu Dhabi universities list

Postby shawarma » 02 Mar 2011, 00:39

Have a look at the Abu Dhabi university directory and Abu Dhabi college directory. You can filter on BBA degrees.

Update: there appears to be only one - AlHosn University - that offers BBA degrees. I expect there are more but the list isn't up to date. Or try universities and colleges in Dubai.
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