New Pakistan University in Ajman

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Re: Pakistan Islamic Higher Secondary School Ajman

Postby junaid » 02 Mar 2015, 02:43

We are planning to open a higher education college in Ajman to offer Bachelor Degree programs to the students who are completing intermediate education.

will parents enrol their children if we offer Bachelor degree in Ajman awarded by a Pakistani University

Re: Omer Bin Al Khattab School established when?

Postby junaid » 02 Mar 2015, 02:46

[quote="shakeel"]Ans: Its Was Established In 1883.[/quote]

hi Shakeel. If we open a Pakistani University campus in Ajman to offer Bachelor and Masters Degree, would it be appropriate.

New Pakistan University in Ajman

Postby shawarma » 03 Mar 2015, 13:48

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