[New 2014] Doris Duan Young Autism Center Dubai reviews

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[New 2014] Doris Duan Young Autism Center Dubai reviews

Postby shawarma » 18 Aug 2014, 00:16

Doris Duan Young Autism Center Dubai Healthcare City (DDYAC, DDYACD, DDYAC-DHCC) - information page.

New Autism Center founded April 2014. Not related to the already existing Dubai Autism Center in Bur Dubai.

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Doris Duan Young Autism Center DHCC

Postby autismspeaks1 » 08 Feb 2015, 15:35

I want to express my deep concern for all mothers and families in Dubai that trust Doris Duan Young Autism Center. This center is a disgrace to the DHCC healthcare community and to families with children with special needs. It does not provide the best care to these children.Matter of fact there is no supervision or programs even made for these children. Basically you have untrained unlicensed and unsupervised shadows winging their own program for these kids! Horrible There have been too many cases and complaints against this company but since they paid so much to be there guess they will be stayingin DHCC. I do not recommend you ever take your child there. This place is under extremely poor management and administration. They are incompetent and should be shut down. If this posting is not enough to convince you just ask around in DHCC they have a horrible reputation and have only been open less than a year.
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