Blacklisted and unpaid debts in UAE - work in GCC?

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Blacklisted and unpaid debts in UAE - work in GCC?

Postby lifeindebt » 21 Jul 2009, 16:31


I have worked in UAE -Dubai for 5 yrs and i have bank debts (Credit cards and personal loans and car loans) in that country and i came back to India without paying them back.My UAE residence visa also not cancelled.Its been a year now.

Basically i am from India and What can i do other than this if i don’t have a job.

I got a job again in a GCC Country. I got a entry visa to other GCC Country

I heard if there is one bank security cheque bounce case UAE police issue the arrest warrant

2.will i get arrested if i go to any other GCC?

3.If the UAE issues arrest warrant thats applicable only in UAE right? They can issue GCC arrest warrant to arrest in any GCC country?

4.If the immigration systems are not shared by the GCC countries how UAE will come to know if i am in other GCC country

5.UAE can extradit me from other GCC? The UAE warrant info shared among all the GCC countries?

Please let me know so that i can decide and get it into another job and then will pay off my debts

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UAE GCC extradition?

Postby shawarma » 23 Jul 2009, 19:47

1. Yes, bouncing a check is regarded as a criminal offence.
2. Possibly, depends what communication there has been between the banks and/or the police in the two countries.
3. I think individual countries issue arrest warrants for within a country but I guess the UAE police can request the police in another country to issue an arrest warrant?
4. I would assume there is some sort of communication between the GCC countries whereby immigration of one can or might notify police/immigration in another country.
5. I'm not sure what extradition arrangements there are between the various GCC countries. It might vary between countries and depending on the offence. I would suggest contacting a lawyer and/or the police in the respective countries.

There's another topic with a similar discussion here: UAE entry restrictions when blacklisted in other GCC country
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Re: Blacklisted and unpaid debts in UAE - work in GCC?

Postby vinod » 08 Aug 2009, 16:38

No need to worry...You can work in any other GCC. they cannot catch u..I am in a similar position but working in another GCC country for the last 3 years. Do not open any account in master card or visa card. Open an account only with a local bank for salary transfer.
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Re: Blacklisted and unpaid debts in UAE - work in GCC?

Postby ravi » 12 Nov 2010, 07:27

hi vinod what will happen if a person leave UAE with out paining loan of 350k .

Re: Blacklisted and unpaid debts in UAE - work in GCC?

Postby jake » 15 Apr 2011, 11:57

vinod wrote:You can work in any other GCC. they cannot catch u..

[edit by mod]removed inflammatory question, please see forum posting guidelines[/edit] yes the person in debt will still get caught even if he/she enters a different country in the GCC

Re: Blacklisted and unpaid debts in UAE - work in GCC?

Postby jacques76 » 10 Jul 2011, 11:32

hey guys! i need your advices pls. same issues debt from, i had like loans, c card, now collecting agents found me here in qatar, even were i work for and threatining me that they will fila a interpol if i don't pay my debts, i want to make an amicable settlement but still they are asking huge partial payment which i can't produce. If worst come to worst there is a possibility of extradition in my side to be send back in dubai and jail me there?

Re: Blacklisted and unpaid debts in UAE - work in GCC?

Postby QATAR LOWERS » 24 Jul 2011, 08:14

jacques76 please till more how long are you in Qatar for and when you came to Qatar, did you aready cancelled your Eqama or residince permit from UAE? because usially they ask you in Qatar to cancell the RP before getting Qatar RP right? I have sulution for you based on your answer

Re: Blacklisted and unpaid debts in UAE - work in GCC?

Postby Bill » 14 Oct 2011, 10:57

I have worked in UAE -Dubai for 7 yrs the company o worked for closed but I styed for another 10 months doing odd jobs until I couldn’t make payment anymore on my CC so I left the country 15 months ago. I was told I have a police case for bounce check.

I’m still in contact with the collection agency and the banks for lower settlements but they are refusing my offer.

I want to go back to UAE or GCC would I be caught at the airports? I’m a USA citizen and I have changed my name and the passport and I don’t have an eye scan at the airport.

Any thoughts are wellcome

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