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Sponsoring a Child in UAE

PostPosted: 01 Oct 2009, 17:12
by desertrose
Hi Shawarma,

Do you have any idea if a single mother can sponsor her daughter here in Dubai? If so, what are the requirements and procedure?

Many thanks in advance.


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Single mum sponsoring child in Dubai

PostPosted: 01 Oct 2009, 21:35
by shawarma
It depends on why the mother is single and when she became single.

A divorced or widowed mother can sponsor children - bring proof along with all the other documents.
If the children are not biologically related then permission from the biological father might be needed.
If children are adopted then adoption papers should be enough.

If child was born out of wedlock then it could be difficult. I have heard comments that some mothers have succeeded but I don't know if it's officially accepted or if they were just lucky. Contact the Dubai residence department and ask them. For example it might be easier if child was born when mother was single, mother then got married, then divorced, depending on how closely the bureaucrats scrutinise all the paperwork.

Procedure and documents are listed here for family sponsorship in Dubai.

Re: Sponsoring a Child in UAE

PostPosted: 22 Nov 2010, 09:27
by mother
I have been in UAE for the past 6 years, working for 2 years. I have a daughter and we both have been sponsored by my husband. Now we are getting divorced. Is it possible for me to sponsor my child once I move into the company sponsorship.

Pls help.