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Absconding Dubai and jail time

PostPosted: 18 Oct 2009, 11:15
by blue
I bought my residence visa in order to stay here in Dubai. My sponsor is from Um Al Quin. I have not seen him in person and I was only dealing through middle person. Now that middle person is telling me that the sponsor had filed absconding case on me.

My visa is still valid until January 2010. I plan to travel back to my home country this 1st week November. What will happen to me if there's really absconding case filed on me. Will they arrest me when I reach the airport immigration and put me in Jail? Please help me and I want to know the things I need to know. The process on how to clear my status and just leave UAE without being put in Jail.


Dubai Umm Al Quwain absconding residence visa

PostPosted: 18 Oct 2009, 11:32
by shawarma
Hello blue and welcome to the Dubai visa forums :).

I think the most likely is that you end up with a UAE immigration ban for a period of time and/or until the absconding case is cleared up, however, I'm not the immmigration department in Dubai or Umm Al Quwain. Try contacting the UAQ immigration department to see why there is an absconding case, and what the penalties could be. Normally absconding applies to workers who don't report to work for a period of time so if you weren't employed by your sponsor, it seems odd that s/he would report you as absconding.

Re: Absconding Dubai and jail time

PostPosted: 18 Oct 2009, 12:24
by blue
Thanks for your prompt response.

I don't know if it's really true or maybe the middle man just trying to get money from me again.

I want to know the implications if ever the absconding case is there. What will happen to me if I travel outside UAE? Will they arrest me at the airport and put me in jail? I really need the clear picture of the scenes I will encounter if ever.

Many Thanks!

Arresting absconders in the UAE

PostPosted: 18 Oct 2009, 14:10
by shawarma
The best you can do is contact the immigration authorities and ask them, and even then, they might not give you a clear picture. The best I can do is list what the possibilities are and the likelihood of different outcomes based on my (very limited) knowledge. Other respondents might be able to give you their opinion and/or anecdotal stories.

As I said in the previous post, it seems unusual to be reported for absconding if you weren't working for your employer/sponsor. You could also try contacting the sponsor directly to see if the story is correct.

Re: Absconding Dubai and jail time

PostPosted: 20 Mar 2011, 16:03
by sponsorship
i have friend with a similar story bought a residence visa from a middle man in which actually the sponsor is not aware of whom she is sponsoring now my friend ended up in jail because the sponsor finally found out that her name sponsorship and signatures was forged for selling the visa,to make the story short will there be a life time ban to be impossed to my friend ? shes actually a victim here not knowingt hat she will end up in jail after getting the visa