Dubai visa Filipino in Thailand attending IB workshop

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Dubai visa Filipino in Thailand attending IB workshop

Postby dencio251977 » 10 Aug 2018, 08:16


I am a Filipino who just started working as an international teacher in Thailand. My school is still on the process of obtaining my Thai visa and then the work permit after that (will take a couple of months).

I will be attending an IB workshop in Dubai this October. I am wondering how can I possibly attend the workshop with this kind of situation.

Note: My school is trying to find ways to solve this at the moment.

Thanks a lot and hope to hear from you guys.

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Re: Dubai visa Filipino in Thailand attending IB workshop

Postby shawarma » 07 Nov 2018, 12:55


Sorry I didn't see this sooner. I hope you were able to get a visa.

For future reference, anyone else reading this, I'd suggest one of the following if you cannot get a visa on arrival:

1. Fly with a UAE airline, they should be able to arrange a tourist or visit visa relatively simply. Emirates or Etihad as first but expensive choice. FlyDubai as cheaper second choice. Air Arabia as third choice (because you fly to Sharjah airport, I would always rather go to immigration in Dubai than Sharjah).

2. Get a tourist visa through the hotel you are staying at. Not all hotels will do this for you.

3. Get a tourist visa through a UAE based travel agent. There are many that arrange it quickly and easily, 30 day visa only should cost you less than AED 500. The disadvantage is that a reputable travel agent will probably want a guarantor who lives in the UAE, and might even ask for a deposit from them. If a travel agent doesn't ask for this, then that might sound more convenient but it is also more risky for you. There are many stories of people paying money to a travel agent for a visa but not getting one, even residents in the UAE have lost money this way.

Two that I have dealt with recently are Euro Travel in Deira, and Tabeer Tourism in Bur Dubai. Both wanted a guarantor though. Euro Travel was quicker at getting visas arranged and has a smaller office than Tabeer.

4. Book directly online, but only do this if you are certain you are dealing with a reputable agency. At the very least it should be connected to a real official travel agent based in the UAE. Don't use any website which does not have a UAE address or landline tel number (not mobile number), and confirm they are real and authorised before making a booking online. And keep in mind there are many businesses in Dubai which are real, have a real address and landline telephone number, but are still best to avoid.

Given that the trip is to attend an IB conference, whoever is organizing it should have enough knowledge or connections to be able to put you in touch with a reliable travel agent in Dubai to arrange a visa for you.

Don't apply for a conference visa (or similar), unless it is much easier and/or cheaper. A tourist visa should be fine. Immigration may or may not ask you why you're coming to Dubai but if they do, say you're visiting the sights and want to go shopping. Also know the name of the hotel you're staying at or might stay at. Don't read this as legally accurate information, just an opinion of what is usually ok.

Note that where you live is not usually relevant in terms of whether or not you need to get a UAE visa, only your nationality is. Some exceptions are, for example, Indian residents of USA but that's another story not so relevant to this topic.

However, what does matter in your case is that you would presumably fly Thailand>UAE>Thailand. The UAE immigration authorities are concerned with whether or not you have an entry visa to the UAE, and don't intend to stay illegally. Where you come from and where you go back to is the airline's problem, so if you don't have permission to re-enter Thailand after your UAE trip, then the airline in Thailand might not allow you to fly to the UAE, even if you have the correct UAE visa.

I think Filipinos can get a 30 day visa on arrival in Thailand so that should be ok in your case. What I don't know, and what you do need to investigate, is complications which result if you don't yet have your residence permit as a teacher. For example, in the UAE, while a residence permit is being processed, you cannot leave the UAE. If you do, then you have to start the residence permit process again.

Some references: ... lities.php
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