Visa cancellation process in RAK Free Zone company

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Visa cancellation process in RAK Free Zone company

Postby Arslan » 18 Dec 2014, 08:30

Hi i am working in rak free zone company as accountant from 16-03-2014 to till now (18-12-2014) under limited contract for 3 three years but i got a good offer from a dubai reputed company and i resigned but my managers are not in uae i already sent them mail along with resignation letter but they want to delay this process moreover in office nobody has accepted my resignation.

the company in dubai gave me 2 weeks for visa cancellation process after that offer will expire. i am worry about this because my current employers want to delay the procss.

What should i do now? where should i go now?
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Re: Resignation letter and breaking contract in RAK

Postby shawarma » 18 Dec 2014, 15:58

You have been employed less than a year, and are on a limited contract. Either one of those factors mean you are likely to get a 1 year labour ban. Except possibly if you transfer to another RAK FTZ company, since the free zone is your sponsor.

A resignation letter is supposed to be effective from the date you submit it, and should not depend on your employer accepting it or not. It is a notification from your side, not a negotiation.

Contact the RAK FTZ Authority to complain that your company is not starting to process your visa cancellation, or contact the RAK immigration department to see what you can do to get your visa cancelled, explaining that you have submitted your resignation. Ask them how you need to submit it for it to be officially recognized by them.

But keep in mind the labour ban - contact the Ministry of Labour (MOL) to confirm with them whether or not you will get a ban.
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Re: Visa cancellation process in RAK Free Zone company

Postby Arslan » 18 Dec 2014, 17:29

But i am working in RAk freezone so if i go to non-freezone then there will be no ban because ban belongs to same area. freezone to freezone and non-freezone to non-freezone. if i got job from freezone to non-freezone then ban can be left same if i move from non-freezone to freezone then ban can also be left or if i move anywhere under the same sponsor then there is no ban.

now new company offering me double salary than previous employer and many other facilities. so i dont think so there will be any problem. What do you think? i need your idea if any one have idea please share with me.
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