Cancelling and transfer drivers visa in Dubai

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Cancelling and transfer drivers visa in Dubai

Postby rkhanna88 » 23 Jan 2015, 18:15

Hi Guys,

New to this forum so please forgive me for any mistakes in advance. I've got a situation on my hands I needed help with.

A few months ago we hired a driver for my mother who can no longer drive ( old age catching up with her ). We screened the driver before hiring him and he seemed ok- nothing great honestly. The thing with him though was that due to his age (58-60) he was being unable to find a job. My mother felt bad and hired him. Biggest mistake ever.

Its been a few months that we've had him and he is the rudest person you can ever come across. He has screamed at my mother, my sister and myself over nothing. My driver has screamed at us ! LOL... You can imagine how shocked we were to see his behavior- anytime we ask for an apology he refuses and is willing to quit at the drop of a hat.

The problem end is I have invested 5000 Dhs into his visa which is not a small amount- throwing him out is waste of alot of money, and I'm aware asking him to shell out such an amount is pointless as he can't afford to reimburse me.

Is there anyway I can transfer this visa to a new driver? Please assist; my brain fried trying to figure this out.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Probation period and visa cancellation

Postby shawarma » 23 Jan 2015, 23:31

No, as far as I know, you cannot transfer a visa from one person to another in the UAE. Whether it's a visit or residence visa. You could check with the Ministry of Labour (MOL) or immigration department to confirm that.

If your driver is still on probation (usually first 6 months of employment) then you can dismiss him without notice or reason.

If he insults you or your family, then you could file a complaint with the police. I'm not sure just shouting or screaming counts. It probably won't get you your money back but might calm him down a bit. Or make him worse if he thinks his behavior is justified.

Visa costs are the responsibility of the employer so whether or not he has the money, UAE labour law says you can't claim it back from him anyway.

I don't see an easy solution to your problem. It seems to boil down to fire him (and you lose the AED 5,000), or tolerate his rudeness, or try to get him to modify his behavior.

Personally I'd be most concerned about someone who cannot control his temper like that being in control of a vehicle. If you fire him and employ someone more stable, AED 5,000 might turn out to be a small price to pay for peace of mind.

rkhanna88 wrote:New to this forum so please forgive me for any mistakes in advance.

Sounds like you already know what mistake you made with this new driver.
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