Visa entry to UAE blocked for Bangladeshi

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Visa entry to UAE blocked for Bangladeshi

Postby cherise » 07 Feb 2015, 01:17

HI . I have a bangladeshi boyfriend and I'm from South africa . We both want to get out of our current job and start a life together . I can start a life here in UAE but his visa is blocked . Can anyone tell me whom I can plead to to let him stay with me in Dubai and get a better job . If anyone can answer me my email is [edit by moderator]Personal information removed, see forum rules.[/edit]
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Re: Visa entry to UAE blocked for Bangladeshi

Postby shawarma » 07 Feb 2015, 15:07

UAE entry permits are issued by the immigration departments in each emirate. You can contact Dubai immigration to enquire about his visa being blocked, they can answer questions for all emirates. Or contact the immigration department in the emirate where you are.

He could also ask whoever applied on his behalf if it was an airline or tourist agent for example, sometimes they might have an idea.

Or contact the UAE embassy or consulate in or nearest to Bangladesh. Or contact the Bangladesh consulate in Dubai or embassy in Abu Dhabi.

Any appeal would have to be made to the immigration department, they decide who can enter the UAE and who can't. A UAE based lawyer specializing in immigration issues might also be able to help.
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