Dubai work visa expiring while outside UAE

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Dubai work visa expiring while outside UAE

Postby Grewal » 23 Feb 2015, 22:37


My father and mother went to india for some occasion and due health problems my father will have to go through a heart surgery. And doctors have made clear that my father cannot travel for one month after the surgery.

his visa expire in 15days.

my mother is in india but her visa is expiring after 2 months. my sister is also on my fathers sponsorship.
How will it affect my mother and sister visa status.

What can be done?

If nothing is possible i will have to postponed the surgery and ask him travel to dubai tomorrow and go back after getting his visa done.
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Re: Dubai work visa expiring while outside UAE

Postby shawarma » 02 Mar 2015, 19:43

In theory, the Immigration Department will examine individual cases and grant extensions to visas, renew them, cancel overstaying fines, etc, if there are extenuating circumstances.

This is done on a case by case basis so really the only thing you can do is contact them directly, explain the situation, and request they grant an extension or exemption.

Otherwise yes, it seems to be the best option is to come back, renew the visa, then go back for the medical treatment. If that is possible to do under the circumstances.

A letter from his doctor explaining things might help when dealing with the immigration department.

If a residence visa expires, then I expect any residence visas for dependants sponsored by that person will automatically expire or be cancelled. There are unlikely to be immediate consequences while they remain in the UAE but when leaving the UAE they can expect to at least be fined for overstaying.

Sorry I see that this was urgent, and my reply has come after the date you wanted to decide. If you hadn't decided yet I hope it helps, otherwise I've posted it anyway for future reference in case anyone else has a similar question.
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