Sponsor from father to husband and name change UAE visa

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Sponsor from father to husband and name change UAE visa

Postby jenny50 » 23 Mar 2015, 23:25


i have lived for all my life in the UAE under father's sponsorship. In 2011, I got married and settled outside. In 2013, my UAE visa expired while I was still outside the country.

I visited UAE on tourist visa twice in 2014 with no problems. By this time, I had a new passport with a new surname as I took my husband's name after marriage.

In 2015, my husband got a job in Dubai. He wants to sponsor me. WIll we have any issues?

My father went to cancel my old visa but the officer on the counter said something in Arabic which my father interpreted as not being able to enter UAE. My father is worried to go again. I have not committed ANY crime whatsoever!

Anyway, if suppose this does not get sorted, can my husband apply for me as I have a new passport with a new surname? Really hope someone can help.
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Re: Expired or cancelled UAE residence visa

Postby shawarma » 31 Mar 2015, 16:58

A husband can sponsor his wife for a UAE residence visa as long as minimum salary condition is met, and possibly job title. But I think the job titles are taken care of by the minimum salary, for example usually a construction site laborer doesn't earn a high enough salary to be able to sponsor his wife.

Minimum salary varies from AED 3,000 to AED 10,000 per month depending on whether or not accommodation is provided, which emirate he is in, and who you listen to.


The problem you might have is because your old visa expired rather then was cancelled so yes, your father needs to make sure it is cancelled, otherwise you cannot get a new residence visa. I don't know if not cancelling your residence visa is a criminal offence or not, you should ask the police or the immigration department, or a lawyer. But whether or not is it, I don't think you'll be prosecuted for it (I haven't heard of it happening to anyone). You'll just have the problem with getting a new visa issued. It's not an unusual situation so you should be able to get it resolved eventually. There are unpleasant people everywhere you go, including immigration departments, so if you get a bad one, ignore him and try again later, hopefully you'll get a more helpful person next time.


I guess the tourist visas were issued because either the expired-but-not-cancelled visa didn't matter, or was ignored when the tourist visas were issued.

If you have a new passport and a new name then yes your husband can probably apply for a residence visa for you, unless you were married in the UAE, then the immigration department might have been notified.

But when you enter the UAE and get an eye-scan, I expect it will match any previous records, and if your old residence visa has not been cancelled, then you will probably either have to wait at the airport until it is, or return to your departure airport. I'm only guessing here, I don't know of any cases where this has happened and what airport immigration did about it.

Call the Dubai DNRD helpline or send them an email. They are apparently more helpful than other emirates, and might be able to deal with enquiries for other emirates.
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