TECOM working in job but visa not processed by employer

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TECOM working in job but visa not processed by employer

Postby asimrotana » 08 Apr 2015, 13:06

I got a job offer in a TECOM free zone company. I joined the company two months back and working from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm as technician. During this time, no one asked me to go for a medical and apply for emirates ID.
Should I pursue them about this?
Can it make some complications later? (for me or employer)
Will my employer have to bear the loss or I will be responsible of anything.. please let me know urgent because I am worried about this.

What can happen next if I not go or go for visa stamping after two months of joining because my colleague says that now your visa has expired and if you want to give medical test, a new visa needs to be apply and for that you will have to exit the country. I am worried about that a ban of six months will be imposed on me if I exit. I am too much nervous please suggest me the right way.

Also, this visa is not visit or tourist, its an employment pink visa of technician and if I cancel or exit, I will have to face the 6 month ban. What to do if I get residence visa without exiting since my two months are over and I want to stamp my visa.
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Re: Employment permit expired, visa not processed in Dubai

Postby shawarma » 29 Apr 2015, 12:36

Yes you have a problem.

You should have gone for medical testing and Emirates ID. The point of the 2 month employment permit is to allow you to work legally for your new employer while the processing of your medical test, labour card or work permit, residence visa, Emirates ID, etc is done.

As you have been told, now you will need a new employment permit to go for a medical test.

You are also overstaying which will result in fines but nothing worse than that if overstaying is only a few days. And you are working illegally and staying in the UAE illegally now as far as I know.

These are the choices you have as far as I know.

1. Talk to your employer to see what they are going to do. They need to arrange a new employment visa or an extension to the one you have currently if that is possible. They must do that, it's not something you can do yourself. And they need to arrange for you to do the medical test and Emirates ID application.

2. You could go to the TECOM medical center (I think it's in Knowledge Village) and Emirates ID center to see if you can get the processing done yourself. Take your passport, visa copy, labour contract, some passport photos, copies of everything and money. You should get change out of AED 1,000. If your employment entry permit has expired, expect them to refuse you and tell you to get a new one.

3. You could phone the MOL and ask them what you should do. They might say talk to TECOM because you are in a free zone but they are usually quite helpful if you phone them. If you get someone unhelpful, try phoning again a few hours later or the next day, you'll probably get someone else to talk to. Expect them to tell you that your employer needs to apply for a new employment visa.

4. You could phone the TECOM administration department and ask them how you should proceed. After all, TECOM is your sponsor, not your employer, so it is in their interests to get things done in time.

Generally your employer has to bear all visa and recruitment costs for employees so if they have been negligent, I would expect the costs to be their responsibility. Which is why calling TECOM administration might be worthwhile - they might prompt your employer to get things organised.

However if they or TECOM can prove somehow that the visa processing hasn't been completed due to negligence on your part, then maybe they have a reason to claim costs from you. But I can't say for sure if the law would support them in this case. Ask the MOL or a lawyer if you think this situation might apply to you.

If you cancel I don't think you'll get a 6 month ban but check with the MOL. If you get a new employment entry permit from the same employer I don't think you'll get a 6 month ban either.

I can find an entry in the TECOM GSO Services pricing or tariffs which says "Employment Entry Permit - Renewal" costs AED 450 (standard) or AED 700 (express). That seems to imply that there is a procedure in place for renewing the employment permit.

I'd suggest you start with talking to TECOM. Or if your employer is reasonable to communicate with start with them. But don't delay. Fines are accumulating since your entry permit has expired.

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