Change jobs with work permit, no residence visa in Dubai

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Change jobs with work permit, no residence visa in Dubai

Postby toughluck » 03 May 2015, 15:18


I recently joined a start-up in Dubai. They have processed my work permit, but have not applied to convert it into a residence visa (no medical). However, things have not gone as expected and we have mutually agreed to part ways. I am serving my 14 days notice period and we will cancel the visa after that. I want to start applying for jobs.

Here is where I am confused - If and when I get a new job, will my employer find out that I was holding a work permit (entry). The idea is to exit the country after my work visa is cancelled and come back on a tourist/visit visa. I do not want to show that I worked for a month here.

Appreciate any replies on this.

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Re: Work permit to residence visa process

Postby shawarma » 04 May 2015, 11:49

I'm not sure what your question is.

If a new employer applies for an employment entry permit for you while your current one is still valid, then the new application will be denied. I don't know if the new employer will be told why - phone the Ministry of Labour (MOL) or the immigration department and ask them if a reason is given when an application is denied or blocked.

If you are a citizen from one of the countries who can get a visa on arrival then you can just exit when the visa is cancelled and re-enter on a visit visa.

If not then you'll have to exit first then apply for a new tourist or visit visa. My understanding is that when you have a valid entry permit of any sort, the immigration department automatically blocks any further entry permit applications, whether for employment, tourist, or visit visa.

You shouldn't be subject to any immigration ban or labour ban under the circumstances you have described.
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Re: Change jobs with work permit, no residence visa in Dubai

Postby toughluck » 04 May 2015, 12:09

Apologies for not stating things clearly.

The scenario is, I do not want to show this 45 days work-ex on my resume. I do not want my new employer to find out that I was working here previously. So if they apply for my work permit after I cancel my current work permit, there is nothing to worry about, right?
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