Multiple UAE entry visa for Germans and Americans?

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Multiple UAE entry visa for Germans and Americans?

Postby sandcastles » 15 Jun 2015, 22:50

Hello, first time posting here! I've searched the forum for an answer to this question but haven't found anything:

There are references in many places online, including
[Edit by moderator: link removed, copied from UAE government websites e.g.]
[Edit by moderator: link removed, copied from UAE government websites e.g.]

that state that Germans and Americans can receive multiple entry visas to the UAE. Specifically,

German: one or two year visa, 1500AED, three months maximum stay duration, no sponsor required
USA: one to ten year visa, free, six month maximum stay duration, sponsor required

I've read that these visas need to be applied for in the home country.

The info on linked above is in gray...does anyone know if that means it's no longer valid?

Is this visa type retired? Rumors? Truth?

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Re: Multiple UAE entry visa for foreigners

Postby shawarma » 17 Jun 2015, 15:16

My best guess is that the multiple-entry visa information specific to German and USA citizens is obsolete, since they are included in the list of nationalities who can get a free 30 day visit visa on arrival in the UAE. And it can be "renewed" indefinitely for free by exit and re-entry to the UAE.

Previously those nationalities (excluding some recent additions in 2014) could get a 60 day visit visa on arrival.

Before the free visit visa on arrival was introduced (I think in the late 1990s but I don't remember exactly), most foreigners needed to apply for a visa before coming to the UAE, including Germans and Americans. So as far as I know, the multiple entry visa for them dates from that time.

It might still be possible but I can't find any specific information on the most useful UAE government websites - (although they are sometimes slow to update),,, Nor can I find anything on the UAE Embassy in USA website about that type of visit visa (they do have an option for diplomatic visitors - see below).

The website is also a UAE government website but I wouldn't rely on information there being up to date, although that particular page you referenced was obviously updated in 2014 to include additional countries whose citizens could get a visa on arrival.

The other two websites you listed had obviously done a copy/paste of information from other sources, some of it clearly out of date.

The only information about multiple-entry visas I can find on reliable websites which does not appear to be out of date is that they are available for persons making business related trips, or for diplomatic and official visitors.

From (last updated 14 Nov 2013):

Multiple-entry Visa: multiple-entry visas are issued to business visitors who have a relationship with either a multinational or a local company, and who are visiting the UAE frequently. This type of non-renewable visa is valid for six months from the date of issue, and the duration of each stay is 14 consecutive days.

From (last updated 06 Aug 2014):

Multiple-entry visas are available for visitors who have links with local businesses that require them to visit regularly. Multiple-entry visas are valid for visits of a maximum of 14 days each time, for six months from date of issue. It costs AED 2,100 (plus AED 20 delivery fee) and should be applied for after entering the UAE on a visit visa.

From UAE Embassy in USA (for diplomatic and official visit visas), (date not given):

U.S. Diplomatic & Official Visas


This application will result in a multiple-entry visa, valid for five (5) years, with a maximum stay of (180) days in the UAE each time.

And of course, expat residence visas are valid for multiple entries to the UAE.

Best way to check is to phone the Dubai immigration directly and ask them, they have a useful helpline. Or if you are in Germany or America, call a UAE embassy or consulate there.
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