Cancellation grace after new work permit for Dubai free zone

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Cancellation grace after new work permit for Dubai free zone

Postby Adroit233 » 18 Jul 2015, 23:54

Eid mubarak to you all!

I have a very simple question that I can't seem to find an answer for, it would be well appreciated if someone could help me.

I recently left a job in Abu Dhabi to join a company in a free zone in Dubai. My visa was cancelled on the 23rd of June and an entry permit has already been issued by my new employer. I was wondering whether I still have to exit the country within 30 days of cancellation to avoid a fine since my new work permit is valid until September.

Thanks in advance guys!
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Re: Exit UAE or change status

Postby shawarma » 21 Jul 2015, 22:15

Yes you have to exit the UAE or change visa status at the immigration department within the 30 day grace period. Because June has only 30 days, you should be ok if you do that tomorrow.

I think tomorrow (22 July 2015) is the 30th day for you so go to the immigration department first thing in the morning. As far as I know you should be ok just to change status, you don't need to exit the country. After tomorrow you'll get fined. Unless today was the 30th day. Then if you rush you might get to Hatta border crossing before midnight and get status changed that way by doing exit to Oman. But you can only do that if you're from one of the countries which can get a visa on arrival in Oman (not sure if it's the same list as for the UAE).

I'm surprised your company hasn't told you that, or your PRO arranged it for you. Unless I've misunderstood your question.

The work permit validity is 60 days from date of issue, meaning if you don't change status to that work permit within that period, it expires and you have to get a new one. It does not mean you are in the UAE on the employment visa from the work permit until you change status. Unless you are ... if your new company has already done the status change on your behalf. But then there should be a stamp on the employment visa to say so. - for Hatta visa run information and status change that way.
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