Procedure to cancel visa and avoid ban if outside UAE

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Procedure to cancel visa and avoid ban if outside UAE

Postby preethi13 » 12 Sep 2015, 03:02


I was working with a company for about 8 months. My visa is for a 2 year employment visa. Due to my pregnancy related issues , I had to return to India and could not initiate a cancellation on my visa. I just came back. How can I avoid a ban now. I will not be able to return back for the next one year.
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Re: UAE labour ban and visa when pregnant

Postby shawarma » 18 Dec 2015, 21:56

A labour ban is related to your employment, as in because you resigned within one year of starting work you will get an automatic 6 month labour ban. Unless you were on a fixed term contract then you are likely to get a 1 year ban.

If you will not return to the UAE for one year, then the 6 month labour ban won't affect you since that will have finished by the time you come back. However because you resigned within one year of employment you might get a one year ban (if your employer asks for it to be imposed). But even then you should be ok if you are out of the UAE for at least a year.

You should get your visa cancelled however, it will not be cancelled until you do. After 6 months out of the UAE it will become invalid but that is not the same as cancelled, and will prevent you getting another entry permit for the UAE until it is properly cancelled.

You should also make sure your employer has not or will not report you as absconding, because that can result in a lifetime ban which is very difficult to lift.

You need to contact your employer/sponsor about getting your visa cancelled. You could also contact the Dubai immigration helpline (or email) to get more information.

Or if you are going to stay on your employer's sponsorship then you need to talk to them and to the immigration department about being out of the UAE for more than 6 months without your residence visa automatically becoming invalid. It is possible in special circumstances - pregnancy might be one of them.
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