Visa cancellation from outside UAE

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Visa cancellation from outside UAE

Postby Ginny92 » 13 Sep 2015, 14:26

Hi All,

First post so sorry if I mess up.

I left Dubai in 2010 with a dependant visa and didn't cancel it, I'm now trying to cancel it with both myseld and my sponsor (father) outside the UAE but when I found the procedure online (as below) it doesn't tell me where I can find the documents, I tried googling them and couldn't find, I tried contacting the DNRD but the chat function keeps saying "Chat Terminated" without any response, does anybody have experience with this and could help me?

The following documents are required for visa cancellation process in UAE:

Residence visa cancellation application – 2 copies (with the sponsor's signature)- found one on TECOM website but I have doubts since it says the website is no longer valid since October 2014
Leave statement or the original passport of the sponsored
Copy of the sponsored person's passport or departure list provided that the residence permit has expired
Sponsor's passport copy
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Re: Visa cancellation from outside UAE

Postby shawarma » 18 Dec 2015, 21:38

I just tried to find a copy of the relevant form online myself ... and failed. The Abu Dhabi and Dubai immigration websites give the procedure but not the forms.

It seems that you're expected to go to a typing center so presumably they have the correct forms. You could try contacting one through their website and asking if they'll email you a form. I tried looking at a couple of typing center websites myself but didn't find any relevant forms to download.

The TECOM form I don't think will be useful, unless you were sponsored by TECOM. It looks like that form you found generates a PDF download based on what you fill in, but I expect it would be specific to TECOM. A couple of other free zones have cancellation forms online but they clearly say they're for the relevant free zone.

Or you could try emailing or phoning the Dubai immigration department. Or ask someone you know in the UAE to go to a typing center or an immigration department to get the forms. But you might still have a problem if your sponsor (your father?) didn't cancel his visa. - contact information here.

Here's what I found on the immigration website about getting your visa cancelled (somehow you have to get all relevant documents to one of the immigration offices) ...

Residence Visa Cancellation for a person outside UAE

This involves a description of procedures of Residency Administration to cancel residence visa for an expatriate outside UAE.


Required Documents:

1- The Documents required to cancel residence visa of a sponsored spending more than 6 months. Application of residence visa cancellation application (e form) with the sponsor’s signature. The leave statement or the original passport of the sponsored
2- The Documents required to cancel residence visa of a sponsored not spending 6 months. Residence visa cancellation application ( e form) with the sponsor’s signature. The passports of the sponsored or the expiry of the residence visa outside UAE.

Note : The sponsored residence visa may be canceled without spending more than six months or the expiry of their residence visa in case of their sponsor’s visa residence cancellation. UAE original Identity Card


1-70 AED cancellation fees to be paid through e-form at the typing centers to be broken down as follows: 50 AED cancellation fees (10) AED Knowledge Dirham. (10) AED service charges.
2-130 AED leave statement issuance fees , broken down as the following : 100 AED leave fees (10) AED Knowledge Dirham. (10) AED bank charges. (10) AED administrative fees.
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