Good Conduct Certificate in Dubai if husband absconded

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Good Conduct Certificate in Dubai if husband absconded

Postby neeli » 04 Nov 2015, 22:35

Hi All,

Me and my husband lived in Dubai for 3 years and in sept 2015 we had to leave Dubai due to few reasons. I was on my husband visa but was doing part time job and my husband was on a company visa where he was an employee. His employer has reported him absconded now. I don't know about their dispute in depth but believe we both cannot go back to Dubai as we might get stop on immigration.

Now we both got a job in our home country but the issue is, my employer has asked for criminal record certificate from Dubai since I resided there for 3 years and my employer is one of the Far East Embassy / Consulate.

My question is:

1. I was on spouse visa in Dubai but the visa is not canceled perhaps it got expired last week. If I apply for Criminal Record Certificate or Good Conduct Certificate for myself on Dubai Police website, will I get the certificate or Dubai Police will not issue the certificate?

2. Since I had nothing to do with my husband's employer neither was on the company visa but I did traveld out with my husband without canceling the visa (which is expired now), will I be allowed to visit Dubai on visit visa or it will not be issued.

Thanks for reading, would appreciate your feedback.
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Re: Good Conduct Certificate

Postby shawarma » 18 Dec 2015, 21:14

1. Sorry, I don't know if the Dubai Police will take into account your visa status when issuing a criminal record or good conduct certificate. They have a helpline, you could check their website and phone them or email them to ask.

If your husband was reported as absconding that might affect whether or not he can get a good conduct certificate, but logically it seems to me that you could still get one since you weren't the person absconding, however I wouldn't rely on my opinion, or what seems logical. Again, the best thing to do is to contact the police directly. Or simply apply for a good conduct certificate, you'll either get one or you won't, irrespective of what I think.

Normally an absconding employee ends up with a permanent ban, at least on employment, and possibly for entry to the UAE. Your husband will have to contact his former employer, and possibly the labour department and the immigration department to get that resolved.

2. Your residence visa will automatically become invalid if you are out of the UAE for more than 6 months. That's not the same as being cancelled, you still need to cancel it before you can get a new entry visa to the UAE. Contact the immigration department to get it cancelled.
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