Fines and expenses payment after UAE work visa cancelled

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Fines and expenses payment after UAE work visa cancelled

Postby SHAMEEM75 » 11 Apr 2016, 15:33

hello, I have resigned from my company and my entry visa will expire on 23rd of april 2016 , they have not stamped my passport and cancel my visa yet , I am ready to pay them 1 months salary and ticket fare but still they are not releasing my passport and asking me to do complain ....I have not been provided with anything no offer letter no salary,no medical no labour card and they are asking me to pay 10000 dhms of total expenses and asking me to file a complain....kindly advise if I do a complain and they didn't cancel my visa and release my passport after 23rd of april who will be responsible for the fine and chagres..
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Re: Fines and expenses payment after UAE work visa cancelled

Postby shawarma » 23 May 2016, 16:12

Sorry this reply is late so I don't know if it's of any help to you now. Any update you have would be useful for anyone else in a similar situation who is reading this.

That's sounds a bit complicated but generally the company is supposed to pay for all visa related expenses. It would seem reasonable to expect that would include any fines if the company doesn't cancel a visa on time, but reality in the UAE is not always the same as what you might expect, and you'll often get conflicting confirmation.

Companies often include in contracts a clause that requires a worker to pay back visa expenses if they resign within a short period of time. Or try to make workers pay that even if it's not in the contract, and do things like withhold a passport or not cancel a visa to make life difficult for the worker.

If you can't resolve a situation like that amicably with the company, then your next step should be to first call the MOL helpline to get clarification. If they are not helpful, try phoning again another time. Usually they are quite helpful. After that consider filing a complaint with the MOL.

You could also contact a legal firm (or more than one) for advice. Often they will give a brief opinion over the phone at no charge. After that it becomes very expensive.

Try to keep all communication with your employer in writing (email is ok usually) so you can refer back to what you and they said, and so you have something to provide to the MOL as a better record of any dispute.

With respect to visa expiry dates, also check with the immigration department. Phone the helpline for immigration in Dubai, they are usually helpful.
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