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Core Elements Dubai

Postby shawarma » 20 Jan 2009, 00:14

[edit - Core Elements topic locked since new posts were simply repeating what was already said. Start a new topic, or send a PM to request unlocking if there is any new information that should be added - include your post in the PM otherwise it will be ignored]

rtsin_71 wrote:How about the Core Elements in Dubai located at the Crown Plaza room 503. Website is

Hello rtsin_71 and welcome to the Dubai forum :).

I have used your post to start a separate topic for Core Elements in Dubai, split from the Dubai job scam websites. It's a bit late in the day for me to call them directly but there's a few things that don't seem right, and they're common errors that are usually easily spotted by people who have lived in Dubai for some time. Unfortunately, people who are looking for jobs often don't know their way around Dubai so well. Anyway, I don't want to help Core Elements too much if they are a scam, and I'm not saying they are - there's not enough information for me to be able to tell - so I'm reluctant to post the details of what threw up red flags, suffice it was to do with their address and contact details.

Their "International Affiliations" are not impressive. I would have at least expected company names and contact details, not just a map of the world with a few black arrows. I cannot find anywhere on their website whether it says they charge fees to job hunters or not. I have seen a couple of comments elsewhere from what appear to be disgruntled clients who claim they were asked to pay AED 100, 150, or 200 to Core Elements.

If you do go to Core Elements, ask to see a copy of their trade licence and you could double check with the Dubai Economic Department. I tried to find them on the Dubai Chamber of Commerce website but failed, which doesn't mean much since I couldn't find any company on the DCCI website ( And while you're wondering about that, have a look at the jobs Dubai, and recruitment Dubai information.

  • Company name: Core Elements Management Consultancy
  • Physical location: Crowne Plaza Offices Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Date established: Unknown but according to whois, domain was first registered 26 November 2007, to "Anas Habbal", apparently a computer networking professional in Oman according to, and maybe PO Box 212039 Dubai. I won't post the mobile number because I hate when I get mobile phone spam myself, and anyway, he might just be the tech guy who set up the website and has nothing to do with the company.
  • Manager / CEO name:
  • Contact tel: 0097142730995 (+971-4-2730995), Call Center Tel: 0097142689807
  • Fax: 0097184685233" (+971-8-4685233) (appears to be an error, nowhere in the UAE has area code 8, maybe it should be 4).
  • Email:
  • PO Box: PO Box 122081
  • City or town: Dubai
  • Emirate or area: Dubai
  • Country: United Arab Emirates
  • Website:

Core Elements branch office

  • Company name: Core Elements Management Consultancy branch office
  • Physical location: 21st Century Tower, 1st floor, Deira - Clock Tower
  • City or town: Dubai
  • Date established:
  • Manager / CEO name:
  • Contact tel: 0097142689807 (+971-4-2689807)
  • Fax: 0097184685233 (+971-8-4685233)
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Re: Core Elements Dubai

Postby Researcher » 22 Feb 2009, 11:29

This company has contacted me recently (Saturday just gone to be precise). It claimed that it had no email and would not send out an email confirmation of a job interview which sounds very suspicious. They would 'text' the information only.

The telephone number given by you just a day or so ago gives you a voice message saying that they have 'changed their number' but when you ring the new number, no-one answers it.

This sounds like a bogus company to me. Someone should report them.
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Re: Core Elements Dubai

Postby deniseajohnson » 20 Mar 2009, 15:59

I recently applied to Core elements for a job, they called me for an interview, confirmed by text.
I attended the interview 10 days ago now and still I’ve had had no feedback on the job they said I was very well suited to. I have e-mailed them but no reply, I have tried calling but got no response or engaged.
Whilst at the interview I foolishly paid 150 Dirham’s for membership of their club.
I spoke with another agency yesterday who said she had similar feedback from candidates about core elements.
I would not recommend any dealings with them
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Core Elements Dubai recruitment fees

Postby shawarma » 21 Mar 2009, 13:13

Just in case anyone is wondering, UAE law says that recruitment agencies may not charge a job seeker any fees. Here's part of what the UAE Ministry of Labour says (and here are some MOL contact numbers) ...

... they may not receive any fees from the workers in consideration of the brokerage to find them a job...

... Should a recruitment agency operating in the UAE accept any amounts from any worker in consideration of his/her recruitment, the latter should report the issue immediately to the nearest labour department in the UAE ...
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Re: Core Elements Dubai

Postby southofsanity » 15 Apr 2009, 00:24

I was made redundant sometime in Jan. As is the case with most job seekers I browsed through Gulf Appointments to find a job. One day I happen to see a Core Elements - half page ad. Presuming that this must be a genuine company, I applied to 2 vacancies which were advertised that day. I got a call from some lady couple of days later - telling me the interview will take place with Ms. Khadija and that I were to meet them at their Deira - 21st century office.

When I got there, there were a number of people waiting in turn for their respective interviews...Indians, Filipinos and an African woman as well.

I finally met with Khadija - who was an articulate and genial Indian lady.
She asked about my work experience, my desired job profile, the salary I was drawing etc.

Mid-way through the interview, she mentioned that the service would cost AED 150 to become a member - that I would have to pay the amount in order for her to process my resume to the prospective employer. I did find that odd - and obviously felt a tinge of caution. I told her I was aware that such services were normally free and in turn she said that I could avail of some training course once I joined as a member. Apparently the training would help me build my skills etc.
Under normal circumstances, I would have not bought into such gibberish, but i guess these are trying times and I was desperately looking out for a job. In my head I thought, if i do pay up and that helps me find a job - then so be it. So I paid her. I too was told that they would send my CV to the prospective employer and if I am selected I would get a call in a week or so - if it didnt it would mean that its proved to be unsuccessful.

Khadija told me to keep logging into my core-elements account for new job listings, and she provided me with a password too. Every week I got the following msg -

Dear Member,

We would like to inform you that our clients have already reviewed your job application. Unfortunately, our client have not shortlisted your application.

However we will still continue forwarding your resume to other clients.

We will exclusively work on your application and will be available at all times to update you on the process however sometimes if your application is kept under process for longer period than what usually it takes that our reputed clients are still working on finalizing it. However an update email will be sent to your CE Account or your personal e mail whenever the same is received from our clients.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your interest in the core elements, however if you require further details or assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our member support/recruitment team on our E-mail

Wishing you good luck

It's painfully obvious that the above is an automated email sent out to hundreds of gullible and unsuspecting people.

Its been 2 months now and apart from the automated emails, Core Elements hasnt communicated with me in any way.

Sometime last week, I sent Khadija an email to the ID she had provided me with. And well...I did get a reply -- it was the same automated reply that I've posted above.

Its rather unfortunate and sickening that some people would go to such great depth to fool needy job aspirants and make a fortune out of it.

Core Elements hasnt stopped doing what it does...the other day my brother got a call from them and was even planning to meet them for an interview. Its only when I told him about my experience - thats when he learnt [mod edit - Core Elements accusation removed]!

I seriously hope people stop applying to them and learn that [mod edit - Core Elements accusation removed].
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Re: Core Elements Dubai

Postby sdeveloper » 20 Apr 2009, 14:23

I also got a call at 9:00 PM on 19th April 2009, person on the phone said that "you applied for IT Sales Executive job and shortlisted for the interview on 20th April 2009 around 4:00 PM". When I asked him to email me the details, he made an excuse and told me that they will send SMS.

As per my knowledge, I didnt apply there for that job and my qualifications and experience is not in match with the job description they have on their website. So why interview a person who simply doesnt fit in the basic profile of the job. I was curios and tried to call them, 3-4 times but no one was picking up. So I Google them to find out and here I am.

Things I noticed:

- No Email from them regarding interview.
- I didnt apply to them, as I checked all my records.
- Job description does not fit my profile just a little bit.
- Call from them in night (9:00 PM) for interview.

I would have appeared for the interview if they had my profile matched to some desired job.
I might have paid them as well, if things appeared realistic in terms of initial telephonic interview and their serious work in job matching, instead of calling everyone for interview and then asking them to pay for registration.
(If 3 consultants do this kind of work, they can interview on average 45 people a day with good 30-40 minutes interview, and for 24 days in month it becomes 1080 people and if 60% of them paid 150 AED it calculates to 97200 or approx. 100,000 AED per month) - A single consultant would do 32000 to 33000 per month.

Now for ALL those people who think what they are doing is right...
(As if some of them did get the job through them, or having some friends working for this company, or any other case of blind support)

I would like to request/appeal ALL of them to ask not only CORE ELEMENTS but all these kind of known to be "good for some / bad for some" companies to do some serious work on HR Consultancy and Job profile matching for REAL jobs. Even if that job is not there, do profile prospective candidates on forecasting techniques (Now Should I be the one to teach how HR Consultancy works with all professional responsibility and ethics)...

Again, wasting time and exploiting people who are looking for job is not right. And to me, there is nothing wrong in asking for registration, if they do it right away on the first telephone call or made it public on website. Its very easy and simple.

May Allah Bless ALL with His unlimited Blessings...

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Re: Core Elements Dubai

Postby namita » 24 Jun 2009, 11:14

Thanks guys. I received a call from the Deira office yesterday (23rd June '09) asking for an interview today morning. When I asked the name of the company advertising the vacancy, they did not disclose it. I told them to send me the details of the position and the location map on email, they said they'll be sending a SMS. I didn't suspect anything that time, but when I checked up on the company details, I was warned. I was to Meet Ms Khadija. The person calling me was named Viona and the number was 04 3289717. There is no response from any of the numbers, the one where the call came from and the others mentioned on the website.

I read that a police complaint was filed, but no action seems to be have taken as these people are still operating...
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Re: Core Elements Dubai

Postby neale_65 » 07 Jul 2009, 13:33

Thanks to everybody for these posts, I saved wasting my time and money. Mind you I would not have given them money anyway. My "interview" was to be with [edit by mod - name removed] at the same contact details as above.

I was contacted by phone on Sunday, I requested an email to confirm the "position" and a postponement of the "interview" from that day to later in the week. So we settled on Tuesday but I insisted that they send me an email with some details of the position. Needless to say I did not get an email, but received an SMS to attend their office today, no time was mentioned which is strange for an interview. Like everybody else, I had not contacted this company, or sent them my CV or applied for any "position". It makes you wonder where they're getting people's CVs and/or contact details from. As I am an active job seeker, perhaps there are some unscrupulous people working in some bona fide agencies who are passing along our details. It's difficult to think who it might be as one applies to so many agencies after having been made redundant.

I called the Ministry of Labour who, unbelievably, said that under certain circumstances it is not illegal to take payments from clients seeking jobs, it all depends on what the trade licence says. So, I guess the Core Elements [mod edit - Core Elements accusation removed] have managed to get around this somehow. They actually call themselves "management consultants", perhaps that's the secret.
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Re: Core Elements Dubai

Postby filipina » 10 Aug 2009, 00:03


I've got a call from a Core Elements today at around 11:30 am asking if I am still on search for a job, Yhey said that my CV has been reviewed by her Manager and my application meet the requirements of the employer. I was wondrin where did they get my CV since I did not send anything ti them and I know the issue 'bout this company, they send me an sms for the re-scheduled time (I said I will be available onl at 2:30 pm), location and the interviewer.

Please help us to bring this issue to MOL. If any of you has a contact, friend from the ministry, please do.

thanks much people......
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Re: Core Elements Dubai

Postby july10 » 10 Aug 2009, 10:19

Hi guys,

For all of you who has been cheated by this company and paid money please send an email to :

a case has been filed against them already they are looking for more evidence now.

The dubai police are really helpful and they will contact you and dedicate some one in person to help you out.
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Re: Core Elements Dubai

Postby loopy_loti » 16 Aug 2009, 10:51

I am over the moon to have found Desertspeak having also very nearly been yet another Core Elements victim, although it’s very doubtful I would have handed over any cash and my instincts immediately heightened just by the manner of the call I received and the follow up SMS.

Sure enough my story matches everyone else’s here. I am seeking employment here in Dubai and have registered with various mainstream sites (Monster, Gulf Talent, Dubizzle etc). I received the call from CE last Thurs inviting me for an interview on Saturday, I already had plans for Saturday so deferred the interview to today and was told I’d receive an SMS confirming the detail. Strange I thought, but didn’t really give it too much thought as I had no idea who the call had been from, the accent was very strong (Phillipino I now figure) and they were so swift on the call I didn’t have a second to ask any questions. So, the SMS arrived at 9pm last night (who conducts business late on a Sat eve?), so of course I jumped onto Google and the rest is here in these threads.

I’ll not bother attending the interview today and once again I can’t say how thankful I am to forums like these for spreading the word! I just hope that ANYONE who gets the call from CE is savvy enough to conduct the perfunctory Google search!

I can’t contribute to any police reports as I basically haven’t been caught out by them and am not a victim as such having not attended the interview & having not handed over any cash. However, should it assist any investigations here are the details I received via SMS.

Core Elements
21st Century Building
Office 101, 1st Floor
Beside HSBC Bank
Nr Hamarain Centre
Opposite Al Kabayl Discount Centre
AbuBakr Al Siddique Rd
Close to Clock Tower
Diera Dubai
Tel: 043289494
Interviewer: [edit by mod - name removed]

Thorough if nothing else!

What really amazes me is that they’re still in business, considering this thread alone started nearly 9 months ago!

Golden rule no 1 – NEVER EVER pay a recruitment consultant!

Good luck to everyone else out there searching for jobs!
All the best,
Loopy L
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Re: Core Elements Dubai

Postby truthprevails » 26 Aug 2009, 13:01

If anyone has had a disagreement with core elements or feels they were not given the service they paid for, they should submit a complaint to the Dubai Police.

There is currently a case open at the Bur Dubai Police station. Please go down there and ask for Mr. Yousuf in room 19 I believe. The case # is 2009/21264 and please bring all the proof that you have. Receipts, emails printed, texts. Anything.

Hope that helps some people.
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Re: Core Elements Dubai

Postby sam07 » 03 Sep 2009, 21:32

I'd like to thank all of this comments that made me open my mind. I was called just this afternoon for an interview, and yes, same story and all about my CV being a good candidate for the a position and all. The lady on the phone provided me the same information through SMS as to where the interview would take place and have also provided me with the address. Guess what, same story, and that my interviewer would be Jodi Van Der Byl. We set a date and time for the interview which would be this coming Saturday in Dubai. I am currently located in Abu Dhabi. And with all these comments, I'd rather go around Dubai and see the place rather than wasting my time [mod edit - Core Elements accusation and inflammatory text removed]
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Re: Core Elements Dubai

Postby Peace » 13 Sep 2009, 17:31

OMG! Thanks god i found this forums!......I have same story as other users here!

I received call today from core element company and the guy who talked to me called Patrick (Indian)on telephone number 04 3289494 at 03:36pm and they told my my cv was shortlisted for position which is match my experience and qualification and i have interview tomorrow. I informed him that I'm looking for job in Abu Dhabi and not in Dubai then he said their company based in Dubai but they need a candidate to fill the position in their branch based in AD but of course the interview will take place in Dubai. He promise to send me the company details through sms then i told him to send me email with the location detail to make sure that i have receive the information and to save their email address. I asked him if the telephone number showing on my mobile screen his direct telephone number he replied me "you just call this number and ask for Patrick" and he said he wants to get confirmation from me if im going to the interview tomorrow or not. I said i cannot because i don't' have vehicle and i have to arrange for taxi...he answered me no problem and said they can postpone the interview after tomorrow on afternoon at 3:30pm....but they need confirmation from me and then they will send me the location of the company.

After i finished the call with him, i search for the company information in the internet and i found topic in DesertSpeak forum with same story of mine!

thanks all! :) much appreciated it!
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Re: Core Elements Dubai

Postby nimasa » 15 Sep 2009, 11:50

Hi All,

I also received a call from Mr. Patrick. He said that he found my CV online and that his manager would like to meet me tomorrow for an interview. Furthermore, he informed on their office location. Also, he said that I will receiving a confirmation email and a reminder sms in the evening. Of course, I was happy at first to get a call since I am seriously looking for employment.

So, after he called, I googled the company and came accross this forum. I was suprised reading about it but I guess there are many more of those 'black sheeps' on the market. Thanks a lot for the information. Please let me know if I can help reporting this firm. Unbelievable.

Anyway, after I read your posts, I called him up and indeed managed to get him on the line, asking what position they exactly consider me for and for what kind of company. So he said it would be up to me, I could choose where I would want to work. I asked him if I would be charged for their services and he said no. I asked to please send me a confirmation email on this interview and said he would do so in the evening. I asked him to please send it during the day. So eventually I got it but there was only a location map attached, no other information.

Thanks again for the warning, it is highly appreciated.
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Re: Core Elements Dubai

Postby ukhalanthar » 07 Oct 2009, 17:51

OMG , luckly i browsed for the company name Core elements in curiosity. But finally i ended up with a forum this kind and got to know abt this also. I too got a call from core elements it was a lady from the number 043289868. And told me that her manager would like to interview. The time range was given from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm. I asked for wht position, but the reply was you will come to know once the candidate is interviewed.

After reading this forum and several active members participation really saved my time and think so money too.

Also when i asked for the company name and details to note down, the lady just said you will receive a SMS of the location detail. So after reading several messages sure i will not be attending the interview

thx guys to wake me up from falling into some trouble.
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Re: Core Elements Dubai

Postby vitalswing » 08 Oct 2009, 12:46

I am so thankful for this thread, it has saved me from being a victim! Please do read what I have to say.

I too got a call from a lady asking me if I was still looking for a job because my application for the receptionist position was shortlisted and the "company" already reviewed my CV and would like to interview me as soon as possible. She asked me if I was available Oct. 8, 2009 and even asked me what would be more convenient for me (day or night time) so I told her I am residing in Abu Dhabi and it would take me 2 hours to travel to Dubai (she told me the job location is in Abu Dhabi but the main office that will conduct the interview is in Dubai). So she agreed to 3PM and told me I would be receiving the location map via e-mail and SMS of the details (e.g. interviewer was [edit by mod - name removed], location was CROWNE PLAZA OFFICE TOWER OFFICE 503, Dubai, etc.) I even asked her what number to call and told me to use the number she is on. I waited all day and was beginning to be anxious around 5pm because there was still no e-mail nor SMS. And I've come to realize the oddities she told me when she called. Also, upon checking my records, I was certain I didn't post my CV at "". I called the number and the person on the other line would just pick it up and drop it again. Much to my dissapointment, not only did it increase my anxiety but it made me waste money for calling because I called 5 times just to be sure. I got both e-mail and SMS at 7:32PM already and still I had the gut feeling that something was not right.

But I shrugged it off, thinking that maybe it is just how it is. I have been applying for so many jobs and at that time I was hopeful that maybe it was the opportunity I have long been waiting for.

Today I woke up early and prepared whatever I needed to bring with me to Dubai, I was even excited for today's interview. I was fervently praying for a successful interview and that I would finally get a suitable job. While waiting for my father to pick me up and accompany me to Dubai, I went to Google and Yahoo for information about the company, what the roles and responsibilities of a receptionist are and tips on how to answer the question "Why should we hire you?" I made all that effort just so I can be prepared and would score well in the interview. I was that hopeful to get the job.

Now that I've come acroos this thread and a lot more in different websites, I am in tears because I am truly frustrated. I cannot believe that I was thisclose to becoming a victim of this scam and not to mention, the person who called me posing as a secretary or customer service representative was a fellow Filipina. She was a good and persuasive talker and I never thought it would turn out to be like this.

To everyone, please be more cautious in dealing with such. And also, research about the company before going to the interview. I'm so glad I did. If I pushed through with the interview, not only would I be wasting my time and effort but also would be cornered to paying the amount like some of you have claimed to pay. We all know earning money is not easy, we spend tiring days and nights just to provide for our needs. Yet people such as those in Core Elements seem to have no conscience and "steal" from us. Indeed, the money you earn should be from good means and not from deceiving others.

With this I hope I will finally find a job and not anymore have to experience an incident such as this. May God bless each and every one of us in our endeavors.
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Core Elements Dubai new location

Postby Job Seeker » 11 Aug 2010, 13:37

Core Elements again striking
New office location in Noor isamic bank tower 23rd floor near Crown Plaza hotel SZR
Job Seeker

Re: Core Elements Dubai

Postby Ancy » 14 Aug 2010, 17:33

Well it looks like they are back in action from their new premises, the same thing happened to me as well today and the fees they are now asking for is AED 300. Thank you all for posting your experiences on this forum for others at least to learn and be cautious.


Re: Core Elements Dubai

Postby Mary Jane » 17 Aug 2010, 23:10

This afternoon at around 12:00 PM, I recieved a call from Indian Lady saying that she's calling from Core Elements and I have an interview tomorrow for the position of Secretary and Executive Secretary. She said that their HR Manager will interview me and on the later part of our conversation she said that it's the client who will interview me. My shedule for the interview will be from 09:00 AM 'till 07:00 and I told her I'll be coming from Abu Dhabi so she told she'll make it open time, between 9am-7pm

To my doubt, I couldn't remember any sites I applied named Core Elements. I asked her if she can send me by e-mail about the details, she said regretfully their e-mail is not working but they got my CV through online website, but unfortunately it's not working at the moment and they will be sending me in the afternoon via SMS for the details. At around 07:09pm I recieved SMS mentioning exactly like this "CORE ELEMENTS" on behalf of the client. Office #2309, 23rd Flr. Grosvenor Commercial Office Tower, same Tower as Noor Islamic Bank, before Crown Plaza Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. Date: 18th August 2010, Wednesday, Comtact No. 0503911703.Interviewer :[edit by mod - name removed].For any queries, kindly send to For more info please log on to Wish you all the best"

To my curiosity I check by myself their website, but there was an error on page, so i search through google for core elements dubai, fortunately I saw lots and lots of compains regarding job scams. There I found all the testimonials from concerned persons wishing that it won't happen again to other person what they have experienced. So here I am, sharing what I have encountered.

If ever that it is really a job scam or fake agency, I do hope that there is the proper authority who will stop their wrong doings.
Mary Jane

Re: Core Elements Dubai

Postby coolfreak » 21 Aug 2010, 21:43

Thanks to all who shared their experiences. I got a call today from them, a filipino with swift voice told me that I have an interview on 22'Aug with a client and i asked her to send the details through mail, she said currently their email is not working so she will text me the details by 7.30 pm. I received the sms by 7.25 pm and it has the same usual stuff as posted here.. and I decided to forefeit this interview.

Re: Core Elements Dubai

Postby haridasan » 31 Aug 2010, 06:49

Thank u for sharing information to public. same story happened to me yesterday.i got one call from them i told to send emial with details of interview ,but i get onle text sms. since i read this site cancelled the programme thank u so much.

Re: Core Elements Dubai

Postby tolate » 19 Sep 2010, 13:46

Well Core Ellements caught another sucker the other day and it was me.

I had a funny feeling that things werent right when I got the call. but like everyone else a call for a possible job is always nice to recieve. I took the bait and went in like requested.

10 to 11 am interview 23rd floor .. blah blah blah. I arrived at 0945, as I dont like to be late and then proceeded to wait one hour for my interview. I was ready to get up and leave when they finally called my name. I must say we here are not the only ones being caught, as the waiting room was fall of people coming and going all the time.

They talked about a job with Canon and asked me some details, the usual things. The girls their are smart they know what to say and the look like they are doing things correct, but we all know that is not the fact.

At the end they asked me to confirm some details and then they asked me for my CV again as they will redo it in a format for the none existing client they have. this lovely service was to cost me 300 AED and i got a reciept for the work and everything. So I am affraid to say, if you have paid and sign the forms, they are in their rights to keep the money. As the charge is for the resume update and not for any job.

the bad thing about people like these, are they learn how to be legal will be ilegal.

Consumer rights in Dubai

Postby deeps » 23 Sep 2010, 11:38


Thanks for this post...definitely helped me not fall in this scam.
One advise for all those having the reciepts; if you are assured of a service in Dubai and its not provided please follow the link below to raise your complaint. Lets not let these people swindle innocent/ jobless people's money.

all the best.

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