Teaching job scams in Abu Dhabi schools

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Teaching job scams in Abu Dhabi schools

Postby shawarma » 10 Apr 2010, 14:30

Abu Dhabi British School (proper name is British School of Al Khubairat - BSAK) has appeared as another example of a real school being used to in what appears to be a fraudulent manner, with emails and job websites offering ESL teaching jobs with salaries of US$4000+ per month. Reply emails use the real headmaster's name, Paul Coackley. Don't be fooled. Contact the school directly to confirm any job offers, and make sure you find their contact details from an independent reliable source. This is a good thing to do for any teaching job in Abu Dhabi (or any job anywhere).

See also information about Abu Dhabi jobs online, and Abu Dhabi job websites.

Mu Idris English High School - another non-existent school trapping ESL teachers into paying for UAE visa fees. At least, we can't find it, and we can only find examples of people paying money and never hearing from the recruiter again.

Abu Dhabi National Academy - fake school, doesn't exist (but UAE National Academy is a real training institute).
Emirates Unity School Abu Dhabi - fake school, doesn't exist (but Arab Unity School is a real school, in Dubai, not Abu Dhabi).
Pan American Academy - was a real planned school but plans abandoned, name now used as a fake school in Abu Dhabi for hoax job.

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