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Global Recruiting Resources

Postby shawarma » 01 Feb 2008, 15:37

Global Recruiting Resources Limited appears to be a brand new UAE job agency, specialising in teaching and hospital jobs in the UAE and Dubai. The bad news is, they look to be exactly the same as Global Recruiters, an organisation that raised many question marks in 2007, trying to give people jobs in schools that no one could find.

The advertisements look like they're exactly the same - ESL jobs for US$4400 per month (very unlikely, there are few teachers in Dubai getting that sort of salary, and ESL teachers are rarely well paid anywhere). Also the same medical jobs, again at unlikely salaries. The contact tel +971-504238948 is a new one, and is a UAE mobile phone number - another red flag since any legitimate organisation would have a landline number. The address has changed to

7th Floor, 76 Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

which, to anyone living in Dubai, looks unusual. As does saying a mobile number, +971504238948, is a "Telefax" number.

As with Global Recruiters (the one in London/Dubai), be careful when dealing with Global Recruiting Resources Limited. Especially if asked for money and/or passport details. You should not be paying fees to recruitment organisations if searching for jobs in Dubai / UAE.

Global Recruiting Resources have a great mixture of websites all going to roughly the same place, including (account appears to be suspended - not a good sign) (account appears to be frozen)

Unknown if is anything to do with them - no website there when checked.

Global Recruiting have also added another free Tokelau Islands domain name to their collection (and framed the real UAE Ministry of Labour website)

Previously, Global Recruiters had (seems to have died) (has real Department of Naturalisation and Residency Dubai website framed)

Want to help?

If you want to draw attention to this information, then Select All / Copy / Paste one of the following into your forum posts elsewhere, blogs, blog comments, websites. Text will be displayed as Global Recruiting Resources but linking back to this topic.

For forum posts, use this:
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[url=]Global Recruiting Resources[/url]

For blog posts, blog comments, websites (not forum posts), use this
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<a href="">Global Recruiting Resources</a>

Of course, if you prefer to help Global Recruiting Resources, then don't post those links (sorry, but we're not going to explain what you should post instead ;) ).

And if you know of any institutes/organisations that Global Recruiting Ltd are trying to advertise for, reply here with the names and any other details, and we'll try and find out if they really exist or not, to help other job searchers. Thanks, and good luck :).
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Re: Zifarah Language Institute

Postby zaytuni » 04 Feb 2008, 09:27

I have had some success shutting down Global Recruiter websites by contacting their free server hosts and domain name registrars and reporting abuse.
They don't quit. They then registered a domain for global recruiting resources dot net. A quick drill down shows that the domain name is indeed registered in Nigeria. I imagine the 050-mobile telephone number rings up a phone in Nigeria as well.

Their latest tactic to counter having their domain names and websites shut down is to go to
where they have entered legitimate URLs for various UAE ministries including the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Education.
The dot tk pointer then brings job seekers to the ministry sites. It is a standard phishing confidence game.
Of course no jobs are listed on these ministry websites, but feeling confident that a situation vacancy might be legitimate as a result of visiting true ministry websites, the job seeker is asked to contact the recruiter through a separate Email address. Lately that email address has been
I have notified dot TK about the abuse. They do ask people to report cases of abuse and plagiarism. No response so far.
What has been reported by those who have actually dealt with this outfit is first these fellows want a passport number (identity theft), next a fee for processing the Visa application--credit card number acquisition and theft of the fee.
I've alerted Gulf News hoping they might be interested in going to the authorities for comment on these redirected URLs.
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Global Recruiters telephone

Postby shawarma » 04 Feb 2008, 12:00

Hello zaytuni, welcome to the Dubai school forum and thanks for your helpful post :).

zaytuni wrote:I imagine the 050-mobile telephone number rings up a phone in Nigeria as well.

+971-50 is the code for UAE mobile phones. I think it's possible to forward calls to another number but I'm not sure about forwarding to a number in another country. I've seen comments elsewhere from people who have called the number, and received unpleasant replies from the person answering, if they've questioned Global Recruiters methods.

The domain registration trick is an ongoing problem in general. There are so many possible ways to register a name similar to something legitimate, it will always be difficult to control. Good idea to let Gulf News know about it though. Sometimes they investigate things like this.

I've added your posts to this topic instead of the Zafirah Language one, as it is probably more useful here :)
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Gulf News report Global Recruiters

Postby shawarma » 08 Feb 2008, 09:50

There was a report about Global Recruiters and their dodgy recruiting methods in the Gulf News today ( Good to see some reporting of the issue.

Dubai: A bogus recruitment agency has fooled a number of applicants into applying for jobs in three UAE ministries.

An odd introduction, given that the Global Recruiting Agency is trying to get applicants to apply for school and hospital jobs.

Brigadier Mohammad Ahmad Al Merri, Director-General of Dubai Naturalisation, told Gulf News that investigations are underway to find the fraudsters.

Well, it shouldn't take them long to track down the person answering the UAE mobile phone, and the person at the address where you're supposed to send money to (also in the UAE).
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Re: Global Recruiting Resources

Postby boomerang_kid » 09 Feb 2008, 05:05

For more information on these scoundrels, see:
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Global Recruiting Resources website blocked

Postby shawarma » 12 Feb 2008, 08:56

The Gulf News has a report ( this morning that the Global Recruiting Resources website is, or will be, blocked in the UAE. The website was not blocked when I checked this morning.

The website of the bogus recruitment agency which was linked to three ministries' websites has been blocked in the UAE, a senior official told Gulf News on Monday.

A commendable action. Or is it? After all, it's not usually UAE residents who are going to be scammed. How does blocking the site in the UAE prevent overseas applicants from being duped?

To be fair, the Gulf News did report that local authorities are working with international organisations to block the website overseas. Good luck to them. I expect we'll see a new Global Recruiters website appearing soon as they attempt to circumvent any blocks.

See the first post for the best solution to this problem :).
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general recruiters

Postby ESL teacher » 20 Oct 2011, 22:11

I have been contacted by general recruiters for the job of esl teaching.Intially the forwarded mails regarding my education and stuff, finally they sent me a contract letter, and lastly i have received a mail from them saying that you need to submit the contract letter to and when i did that i was asked to pay 1090USB through western union inorder to get my travelling documents ready, is this a genuine offer?
ESL teacher

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