Shila Pet Farm

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Shila Pet Farm

Postby shawarma » 16 Feb 2008, 11:19

Shila Pet Farm, or Shila Pets Farm (but not Sheba Pet or Shiba Pets Farm) appears to be another entrepreneurial activity by those busy Global Recruiters in Dubai people (they have the same phone number). Unsurprisingly, all the same red flags appear as with Global Recruiters previous adventures.

As usual, we'd suggest you carefully and independently confirm the legitimacy of any Sila Pet Farm operations before doing any business with them. Personally, we just wouldn't bother, but that's just our opinion.

A pet farm on the 18th floor of a building (that we don't think exists anyway)? That's sounds odd in itself.

Here's the details from their website:

Head Office: 18th Floor,76 Sheikh Zayed Road,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Email: shilapets @

Note the link is back to this topic, not to their website. It doesn't seem right to help them out if we don't think they're a reputable organisation.

And in advertising seen elsewhere on the internet, the following details are included (no, we don't know what a "Manaber" is either :shock: ):

Contact the Manaber Mr W. Majid
TEL: 971-509468801
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