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Wisaam International Language School

PostPosted: 06 May 2008, 12:18
by cmpmedia
Anyone out there who knows if Wisaam INternational Language School in Dubai is really existing? They wrote me a letter for a teaching job position. After two days,they had me interviewd online. And hours later, I recieved a letter about the details of the job and the package included. I 've tried to browse online trying to find any info. about this school but found nothing. I was just wondering if this job is really true or what...........I appreciate any info. or comments.
Thanks... Gud day!

Re: Wisaam International Language School

PostPosted: 07 May 2008, 12:45
Hi there. I was also trying to search on the internet about this school but was not able to find any information. They sent me an interview questions last week and had it answered and sent it to them yesterday. I just received an email from them today with the letter of employment which includes some remunerations.They asked me to coordinate with this person for my visa and work permit. I hope I can find answers too if this school/company is really existing and is legally hiring teachers. Thanks and God Bless.

Wissam School

PostPosted: 07 May 2008, 21:53
by shawarma
Welcome to the Dubai schools forum cmpmedia and kristina :).

For your sakes, I hope I'm wrong, but what you're saying about Wisaam Language School (Wissam / Wisam?) has unpleasant tones of Global Recruiters bells ringing in my head. It's about time they had something else on their books - they've been a bit quiet recently I think ...

I haven't heard of Wissam (WILS?) but that doesn't mean much since there are new schools being set up regularly in Dubai and the UAE.

I can't find anything online about Wissam either which is not a good sign. They're either very new, or not reputable.

Do you have any other details? Contact tel, PO Box, address?

Wisaam visa

PostPosted: 07 May 2008, 21:59
by shawarma
KRISTINA wrote:They asked me to coordinate with this person for my visa and work permit.

That could be a good sign. They're not asking for money to pay for visa are they?

I see the domain name has been reserved which might have been a good sign. There's nothing there except the Etisalat parking page but obtaining a .ae domain name is not as easy as getting a .com or .net etc. However, as the owner (according to a whois lookup) has the name Wissam, I guess it's unlikely that's the domain name of your new language school.

I tried searching for wissam school dubai, wissam dubai school, wisam dubai, wisaam dubai, wissaam dubai, and also wisaam UAE etc. Nothing obvious found sorry :(.

Re: Wisaam International Language School

PostPosted: 08 May 2008, 03:15
Shawarma hello!

Thanks for your concern. Here is the address given by the recruiter by the name Wahab Kassim: P.O. Box: 2647 Dubai,United Arab Emirates, Te/Fax/971-4-7080777.

And here is the name of the person he wants me to contact in order for me to file my visa etc.:

Atten. Mr. Ahmed Darwish al-Marar
United Arab Emirates-Ministry of Interior
Naturalization & Residency Administration-Dubai.
{Foreign Employment Visa Issuance Department}
17 Naif Rd.Deira , Dubai, U.A.E
Tel/Fax: +971 4338 1603

He did not ask for any money from me nor I did not have to spend anything. All he was asking is to contact this person for the immediate processing of my visa etc.

The offer is quite enticing but I am not convinced.Thanks again and hope you can help me out!

Wisaam School scam?

PostPosted: 10 May 2008, 22:20
by shawarma
Ah, I thought that phone number looked familiar. It's used by Global Recruiters in very similar emails sent previously - have a look at the one for Zafirah Language Institute. Unfortunately, me pointing that out in this topic means that for the next time, Global Recruitment will probably come up with a different phone number. It doesn't matter too much, they were kind enough to reveal several other red flags in that information. One of them is the request to phone the the immigration department to arrange a visa (even if they gave you the correct tel number). Any reputable company in Dubai organises the visa for you.

As a general rule though, if it's too difficult to find any information online about a school (or any other company for that matter), I think it's a fairly major warning sign. If WIS ever does turn out to exist, add a reply so that the Wisaam Language School information can be updated.

Re: Wisaam International Language School

PostPosted: 13 May 2008, 18:08
by cmpmedia
Hello Guys,

Thanks for your comments,efforts and concern. I've tried my best to get any info. online but couldn't find,really .I've read Kristina's post about the contents of the email, and it was the same letter I received from the same person ,and I am not convinced either. Well,well, Kristina said the offer is quite attractive. But got no motivation to do what they want.

I was just wonderin' , why do we need to give a call or contact the person incharge of visa in Dubai, could we not process a Middle east working visa in our home country through their embassy, if ever we have the documents we need from the employer?

Hmmmm. And that gave me a doubt. :D but I hope it's true. :lol:

Good day!

Re: Wisaam School scam?

PostPosted: 13 May 2008, 18:13
by cmpmedia
shawarma wrote:Any reputable company in Dubai organises the visa for you.

I think you were right shawarma, the company organises the visa for you and or the applicant will have to process as long you have the right documents from the employer. :D

Vıctım of Job Scam ın Dubıa/Wısaam Int'l School

PostPosted: 30 Jul 2008, 23:53
by Lyonking3418
Just letting eveyone know that Wisaam Int'l School in Dubia does not exist. İ have just recently sent 320USD as part of the contract requırement for (vısa and permıt) once that was sent vıa Western Unıon to Henry Othotha I recıeved an addıtıonal emaıl two days later requestıng an addıtıonal 820US for delıvery, processıng of document ın Dubıa and yes I'm a fool and sent ıt For a total of 1140USD (lost) to a scam.

The teachıng job ıs to start Sept 2008 ın Deıra Dubaı ( Wısaam Internatıonal School P.O. Box 4726 Dubaı UAE Tel 971-4708077. There ıs no web-sıte and the excuse gıven ıs that ıts a new school. Another poınter ıs that ıf the school ıs ın Dubaı why are a number of Afrıcan answerıng the phone and ıs allegely the owner. I ask for references of other teachers ıf I am to teach Englısh and they contınue to gıve me Afrıcans.

I have all the documents and emaıl ıncludıng receıpts from Western Unıon where I have forward the money. Thıs ıs a fınal warıng to all you wıll get emaıls and letterhead as ıf the company ıs real dont do ıt. If you would lıke to see the documents or emaıl ıncludıng payments I have made I'm Louıs ( . İ know I can't get my money back but I can do preventıon measures. GOOD LUCK and thanks to who ever desıgned thıs sıte.....

Re: Wisaam International Language School

PostPosted: 28 Sep 2008, 17:19
by Lyonking3418
Hello out there may I have your attention please. My name is Louis and like you or those like me who got caught up in the scam with ' Wissam International Language School' I believe your troubles are now over.

I just recieved and email from an investigator with the Dubia International Police that stated the alleged Henry Othotha has been captured in Dubia and is being held on fraud and impersonation. I don't know if in fact this is true because of what I have already been the vitcim of, but it is refreshing in knowing.